Walstad Method For Mostly Moss In 75g Tank...will It Still Work?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by bluepixie, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. bluepixieValued MemberMember

    I love the idea of a nature run sort of tank...it'll also be my first tank and I'd rather not have to do alot of maintenance which is why this method sounds perfect for me..the only thing is I really like the look of a nature landscape like this...super mossy...with more open space than the pictures in half the tank vs all forest scenery

    I was thinking a mix of phoenix moss and flame moss for the carpet and willow moss for the manzanita...and maybe some hair grass, java ferns, and whatnot here and there...Does soil bottom provide any benefit in this case? I plan to use about an inch of soil and I'll be capping it with #20 pool filter sand (hoping I can get this in a reddish brown color). It seems even moss like SOME fertilizer but maybe not too much? Who knows...Anyone tried walstad with mostly just moss and just a few rooted plants? I'm not sure but I imagine the nutrients from the soil will go into the water and be less depleted over time this way? Orrr it might just be a really dirty tank...that's sort of partially why I'm planning on using a filter...thinking of just replacing it in time with a circulation pump and airstone if I find the moss is as efficient at metabolizing the gunk as rooted plants though. I will also still trim the moss and plants and do small water changes. I don't even know if it'd be walstad at this point...I probably won't buy the book but the idea is set it all up and let it grow as naturally (and quickly) as I can make it in this aquarium..

    Creatures for when the water reaches a nice balanc are mostly tiny...some blue velvet shrimp, school of phoenix rasboras, and 2 or 3 blue eyed lemon bristlenose plecos (these are the largest I'll be putting in here and grow to 4 or 5 inches), and maybe a couple nerite snails

    Any tips from anyone acquainted with this method are much appreciated...

    Edit: couldn't add pictures here so here's a link to a pinterest board of the style I kinda want...like I said though/maybe half with a moss field rather than all foresty

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    I’ve never had anyone prove to me that, with a fully stocked tank using only plants as a “filter”, their tank tank was 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites. Sure you could very lightly stock a giant tank and maybe get away with it, but with even a reasonable sized stock like yours, I would need some proof. Those Plecos would produce a ton of waste alone. The theory is there, but I think there are very strict limitations to that.
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    Interesting...well I don't plan on just relying on plants especially at the beginning, that's why I said i don't even think it counts as walstad anymore...I'll be using a filter...and won't take off for the the air stones and a circulation pump until I learn about all of this some more...you might be right though..wonder if anyone here has done water tests and posted here with that sort of setup...

    I plan on only stocking what is healthy for them and am definitely going for "heavily" planted(if moss counts) and low stock while still giving them space to swim a good ways and forage...

    Other than the 2 or 3 bristlenose plecos which would be the last thing I put in so I have more time to learn...It'll just be nano fish (literally going with the tiniest fish I can) and dwarf shrimp in numbers what I see commonly suggested for a 10 gallon aquarium...hoping they don't overpopulate though...I guess I'll figure that out if it comes..my intention is really just to create the most natural environment I can that is easy and enjoyable to maintain. I'm going for balance not the extreme of a barren strictly regimented and dosed bubble boy style tank OR a stagnant infested jungle swamp either. :p Thanks for your input; definitely looking up numbers I should ideally be going for with this method now. Also either way getting a freshwater test kit to use pretty often just to stay on top of all that. Will share what I find when it comes time to stock.

    Ok so going by AqAdvisor I'd be at 39%-45% stocking with 20 phoenix rasboras, 20 blue velvet shrimp and 2-3 bnps ...won't start with this many...more like 12 each and no bnps but that's what I want to get to I think once all the plants grow in fully. Is this good or high for walstad?
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