Wal-mart Goldfish

  1. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    God help me, but I couldn't help myself and am buying a Wal-Mart oranda. This little guy will be going in my 40 gallon tub outside. Any tips?
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Quarantine before you put him/her with any other fish! Otherwise, I totally understand, congratulations :)
  3. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    There won't be any other fish in the pond this season so he'll be alone. I have melafix and paragaurd (I think). Should these work if I need anything?
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't bother with Melafix myself but paraguard might come in handy if parasites are an issue.
  5. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Honestly, that's probably a lie and I'll most likely get him a friend since they're social

    As I said, he's going in a mini pond. The pond has water hyacinth, elephant ear, and water lily. Should I be worried about little Petra (what I named my new cutie) eating or damaging these plants?
  6. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    What a pretty boy!! Congrats. Walmarts in my province don't sell fish anymore, which is fantastic for everyone because I would be overrun with "rescues."

    I think he's an orange oranda, though, unless its bag distortion and not a wen.
  7. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Yup, this little cutie is an orange oranda. I've decide to name them Petra. Almost rescued a telescope from the same time that didn't look too hot
  8. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    My goldfish ate the roots off my water hyacinth, killing it. I would put yours in a floating basket to protect them from a similar fate.

    Nice fish! I'm sure it's glad to have a good home.
  9. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    Nice fish
  10. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Hmmmm. I'll keep checking on the roots and see if he's doing any damage. I looked this morning and they looked fine, but I'll keep my eye out for any damage. Thanks!
  11. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Is the tub filtered?
  12. Kailyn Member Member

    Nice fishy!
  13. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    I could not figure out why a plant that had done so well for me in a still pond wàs growing backwards. Then I caught them in the act, but by then it was too late. Next year, baskets for sure!
  14. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately, no. The oknly way I could get a filter on it would be to get a solar powered ait stone and attach it to a sponge filter
  15. Paulsz Member Member

    The tub will need filtration. Goldfish are messy and they will need the oxygen provided by a filter. I'm guessing the 40 gallon tub hasn't been cycled.

    I would recommend a filter, or if you have to use the airstone/sponge filter combo, go for it. And have many plants in the pond at first to help with the toxins
  16. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Just ordered the solar powered pump and a sponge filter. Hopefully the pump isn't trash
    The tub was filled for two weeks (?) before the goldy was added. Water parameters are fine
  17. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Just filling it with water won't cycle it.

    If you use a solar powered pump you have to make sure it doesn't go off at night. Set it up so the solar panel charges a battery which powers the filter. That way it should continue through the night. You may find you still need to charge the battery though.
  18. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Oh God, back at the same Wal-Mart. They now have a blue, chocolate, and an orange and black oranda.
    I must resist...(plus my mom's dark glares help )
  19. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    Just get him a friend and be done with it lol. Might as well get it over with in case you have to treat them.
  20. Duckyn Member Member

    Fish need friends, right?

    Your fish looks awesome! If I got a fish that pretty, I'd probably just stick him in a tank so I could paint him. They're so shiny and metallic.