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  1. We have been watching the German news about all the european airports being closed with quite a bit of interest.

    A friend of ours, who just so happens to be from the same area as my wife, was supposed to fly out Sunday, that's not looking good.

    My wife's mother who has been visiting us is supposed to fly out in 2 weeks.

    The wife and I are supposed to fly out in 3 weeks.

    Seeing all the news footage about people being stranded in airports is getting a little bit spooky.

    I'm starting to think maybe 2 1/2 weeks in San Fransisco might be a better idea........
  2. Aquarist

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    Hello Boris,

    Some freaky stuff happening in the world today :)

  3. Amanda

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    My friend is grounded in Dublin because all the flights are cancelled.
  4. OP


    Maybe the Mayan's were right, and the world will end in 2012.

    If I knew for sure, I would get a bunch of credit cards and live like a king for the next 2 years.....>:D

    But with my luck 2013 would roll around, and I would have to pay it all back......:;laughing
  5. Aquarist

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    LOL I know what you mean.

    I've watched everything I've seen on TV about 2012. It's going to be interesting to say the least. I don't know that I'll be Christmas shopping that year. lol

  6. trailblazer295

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    The Mayan's didn't actually say the world will end in 2012, it's just typical hollywood reading half a sentence and making another doomsday movie.

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  7. OP


    So much for the credit card idea.................:oops:
  8. Aquarist

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    I'm going to keep an open mind :) Let's see what happens between now and then. I wasn't too impressed with the movie 2012.

  9. Red1313

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    It was my understanding that the "end" of the myan calander was because it was the end of an age (not sure which one but the one that begins in 2012 is either Fire or rock) and is supposed to be an age of turmoil, but not really the true end of the world :p
  10. Furallicah

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    Red has it right. In 2012 the 13th cycle of the myan calander is supost to end and the 14th is going to begin. I dought the world is going to come to an end seeing the myan calander spands to pass the year 3000....lol. But I do wonder how everyone will act when the day comes. I blame the earthquakes, the tectonic plates are shifting around alot recently which they think it the blame for the volcano's sudden wake up call.
  11. pinksprklmonkey

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    I really doubt it's the end. People have been screaming that it's the end of the world for thousands of years. And the movie 2012, was awful.
  12. OP


    I did'nt see the movie, but I heard it was bad.
  13. nerite0479

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    I saw the commercial of that movie and it looked horrible.Some people think that just because it's the end of the Myan calendar that the world is going to end and it gets on my nerves.
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    I live in the UK so I have the volcano stuffi n my ear all day. From what I know, the cloud of ash is 8 miles high, and its actually particles of glass, so if a play was to fly through it, the glass would get sucked in the engines, and melt, causing the engines to fail. So I ask, we don't fly that high, 30,000 feet isn't 8 miles is it? I worked it out to be around 6 miles.

    Why can't we fly lower? Well everyone is telling me the clouds will reduce visability and there will be more turbulence.

    Today I heard, they are going to fly through the ash whenever there is a gap in the eruption, soundsl ike a great plan! not.

    Apparently airports are closed until 1pm tomorrow, but they have been pro-longing it since they shut.

    This is all I've heard os not sure if it's true lol.
  17. nerite0479

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    Luckily I live in the us.I agree with you though.
  18. OP


    Our friends flight which was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancled.

    The earliest flight she can get now is for next weekend, but at least she is at home and not stranded somewhere.
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