Vishaquatics Plant Review 4-27-2021


Greetings, fellow Fishlorians. I did one of the best things this past week and ordered a customized plant package from the sponsor Vishaquatics here on Fishlore. While I expected the amount and quality of plants received to be nice, I didn't expect it to be this good. I put several sub-categories in the review and I will share my cumulative rating at the end. They are seperated into, quality, quantity, communication/service, and hospitality. Here is what I ordered from Vishaquatics;

15 Dwarf sagittaria
3 portions Spiky moss (approximately 2"x2")
1 Handful of Hydrocotyle japan
1 Handful Pearlweed
20 Rotala h'ra
10 Pogostemon octopus
20 Bacopa monnieri
10 Bacopa caroliniana
8 Ludwigia rubin
15 Limnophila heterophylla

Quality: 5/5

Plants were in excellent condition despite being shipped from one end of the country to the other. Every single plant looked like they were just plucked a few hours ago from a tank and most didn't even have any melt. Stems were intact and roots were well developed on most of the plants, (except the Bacopa Caroliniana, which I told him to cut early). Overall, fantastic quality that is WAY better than I have even seen elsewhere.

Quantity: 6/5
I received countless extra stems for most of the stem plants from what was listed in the description. I received an extra portion of Spiky Moss. I didn't even have enough room for all the Pearlweed given, which Vishaquatics hilariously classified in the order invoice as one handful. Vishaquatics, come on! Does this look like one handful to you!? (Pearlweed is that MASSIVE mat in the middle)


In all seriousness though, just look at the quality and quantity of these stems! This is top notch service right there!

communication/service: 5/5
Vishaquatics promptly told me when the plant order was shipped and helped me pick the best plants fit for my setup. He provided updates promptly and always answered my questions within a day of posting them. He is an excellent vender for service.

Hospitality: 5/5
Vishaquatics was very kind to me. Despite me having multiple questions in a row, he was patient enough to answer all of them thoroughly. You cannot get better than that in regards to hospitality.

Overall Experience: Amazing 10/10
I have nothing bad to say about this transaction, because it is quite possibly my best transaction in regards to aquarium supplies. Everything listed above was excellent, and everyone on Fishlore should give Vishaquatics a try if they are looking for live plants. It was the absolute best thing to happen to my new 10 gallon aquarium, which is currently in development within the following thread I set up. Note: Plants were just planted today.



10 Gallon Betta Tank Aquascape | Freshwater Aquarium Builds Forum | 493498

Thank you so much Vishaquatics for your contribution to Fishlore and the community!


Always good to hear there are good ones out there! Especially when they are here!


Great set up. The plants looks to be very good quality.


That looks fantastic. You have such a great eye for planting.
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Thank you everyone. The tank was just planted today, so it should grow in the next few weeks. Many of the different stem plants are hidden in the back, but they should grow out and the other carpeting plants should fill in more. I also included a few Crypts in the middle section from my 29 that should grow as well. If you want, we can keep in touch with the build thread I mentioned for progress, and eventually, livestock for this aquarium!
Thank you again for one last time, Vishaquatics. You made this tank setup possible! :)


JLAquatics said:
Does this look like one handful to you!? (Pearlweed is that MASSIVE mat in the middle)

He just has big hands lol. That is quite the unit of pearlweed tho...


Wow! Thank you for this incredible review, it has truly made my day! It was an absolute joy working with you to select plants for your aquarium. I only provide the plants, but you definitely take the aquascaping talent and artistic layout to the next level. I look forward to how this scape progresses, and please feel free to post pics on this thread as the tank grows in!
As for the pearlweed handful, I uprooted all of the pearlweed seen in the photo below. It ended up being way more than I anticipated, but I figured that a "little" extra couldn't hurt :)

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Thank you for allowing me to post update pics, Vishaquatics! I will keep updating this thread with pictures of the tank as everything begins growing in. Thank you for allowing me to do this! :D
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I forgot to mention in the review that besides a little melt on the Dwarf Sag all the plants are adjusting wonderfully to my setup! Here is the top down view of the plants. Despite being shipped half way across the country, they look extremely healthy within a few days in their new tank, which is yet another reason you should buy Vishaquatic's plants! They always come super healthy with great root development, ensuring the specimens have the easiest time transitioning to your setup!

Top down view.jpg

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