Vishaquatics Plant Nursery Shutdown BLOWOUT Sale

As previously announced, the Vishaquatics plant nursery will be officially shutting down. I am doing a blowout sale of my mother plants and am selling 100+ plants for $45 + shipping with many extras included. This bulk pricing, along with the quality/quantity you will be receiving is unmatched anywhere else. If you want a larger package, please contact me through PM or chat. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do smaller package at this time because I simply have too many plants that I need to get rid of.

Note: All plants below can be easily grown lowtech without CO2, but CO2 will always help plant growth. For best success with this package, a good light and good fertilizer are recommended. All plants have been grown emersed (above the water) and are large 6”+ cuttings. Cuttings may have roots and sideshoots, though not guaranteed.

$45 + $14 shipping w/ USPS Priority Medium Box (Extra insulation and cold packs included free of charge) (100+ Large Cuttings)

  • 20 Alternanthera reineckii
  • 20 Ludwigia rubin
  • 15 Ludwigia arcuata
  • 15 Bacopa monnieri
  • 10 Water wisteria
  • 10 Ludwigia repens
  • 10 Ludwigia mini super red

I am also an official retailer of APT Complete. It has been specially formulated by aquascaping/aquatic-plant guru Dennis Wong and is great for both low-tech and high-tech tanks alike. I have tested out this fertilizer for over a year and a half among many others, and I truly believe that this is the best all-in-one liquid Fert on the market right now. This is a perfect fertilizer to keep your new plants happy and healthy.

APT Complete:
  • 200mL Size: $13.50
  • 500mL Size: $24.99
If you order a plant package, there is no additional shipping cost for fertilizer. All fertilizer orders will come with a free portion of submerged grown spiky moss!

If you are interested in placing an order, please PM me with the following info:
  1. The package and/or fertilizer you would like to purchase
  2. PayPal email address so that I can send an invoice
  3. The state that you’re located in
Thank you for looking and thank you for your time.


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