Vishaquatics Plant Giveaway Winner's Tank Setup

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    Back in May, @Vishaquatics hosted a plant package giveaway on Instagram to celebrate reaching 1,000 followers. I was randomly selected as the winner. :) I wanted to share my progress on my new tank setup utilizing the plants he sent me.

    This is what came in the plant package:

    Ludwigia Glandulosa (also known as Ludwigia Peruensis; 3–4 stems)
    Ludwigia Mini Super Red (Ludwigia Palustris; multiple stems)
    Ludwigia Ovalis (multiple stems)
    Bacopa Monnieri (Moneywort; multiple stems)
    Micro Swords (Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis; large clump of runners)
    Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze (medium–large)
    Riccia Fluitans (Crystalwort; 4x4 inch portion)
    Broad-Leaf Water Sprite (Ceratopteris Cornuta; several plantlets)
    Salvinia Minima (Water Spangles; several handfuls)
    Staurogyne Repens (one stem)

    It was already pretty hot in Texas, but everything arrived quickly and healthy! There was minimal heat and transit damage done to the plants, such as the salvinia's roots (common for floaters to lose root systems in shipping) and the water sprite (a very delicate floating fern and hard to ship). Luckily everything was able to recover with time and TLC. I was very impressed by the size of his plants; they were enormous! The Ludwigia Glandulosa was a rich, deep red color like I've never seen before. And the Mini Super Red was a stunning, intense red. And the crypt? Wow! Just gorgeous.

    If you didn't know, @Vishaquatics is based in beautiful Southern California and grows his plants outside, fully submerged, with lots of sunlight, high-quality fertilizers, and pressurized CO2. Many plants he sells will do just fine in low-tech tanks but high light, CO2 and fertilizers will have them growing their absolute best. Unfortunately I do not have a CO2 system at this time, but I plan to get one for this particular tank in the future.

    I impulse-bought a new tank setup for my birthday at one of my LFS, The Fish Gallery in Dallas. It's a Lifegard Aquatics Full View 7 gallon aquarium. They make 4 different models: mine came with a full spectrum led light (9000K), a preset 100w heater, glass lid, cushion mat, a cool fish net, a magnetic algae scraper, and a digital thermometer. I bought the display tank at my LFS and I just now found out there was a piece missing — it was also supposed to come with an internal filter, but I suppose my LFS misplaced it. I bought a Penn-Plax Cascade 300 internal filter for it. I also ended up ordering a 25cm Chihiros A-Series light (A251), around 8000K, as an extra light source to hopefully keep my red plants colorful.

    I ended up stocking this tank with assorted male endler hybrids. I had 8 at one point but they recently became infected with internal and external parasites so now my numbers are going down. :( I initially wanted to add 3 African Dwarf Frogs since I found local healthy stock, but I think I will hold off on those. I'm considering getting an Orange Mexican Dwarf Crayfish (CPO) in the future.

    On with the setup: First I used a layer of black aquarium gravel (5lbs) from Petco. I was running out of my go-to substrate, Black Diamond Blasting Sand, so I needed something that would add some depth. No, I'm never getting rid of my (now defunct) EXO-M poster.


    Then I arranged a bunch of river rocks I bought from an LFS into a pile and added a layer of Petco black sand.


    Now for the plants! I sort of planted things willy-nilly at first, just for the sake of getting them out of a bucket and into the tank. I topped the substrate off with my remaining blasting sand and added Osmocote+ root tabs. This is what it looked like when I was done.


    I found the perfect piece of spiderwood at The Fish Gallery to finish the scape.


    Plants from locals/my other tanks that I eventually added:

    Cryptocoryne Wendtii Bronze
    Amazon Sword
    Bucephalandra Green Wavy
    Unidentified Bucephalandra (Mini Coin?)
    Ludwigia Repens
    Bacopa Caroliniana
    Cryptocoryne Spiralis
    Eriocaulon Vietnam
    Narrow Leaf Java Fern
    Weeping Moss
    Flame Moss
    Christmas Moss
    Marsilea Minuta
    Hygrophila Serpyllum
    Dwarf Hairgrass
    Marimo Moss Balls

    The following photos were taken more recently. The second one was from a couple days ago after I trimmed and replanted the ludwigia forest. This is 2 months' worth of growth dosing Nilocg Thrive+ EI liquid fertilizer twice a week, adding Seachem Iron when I remember, and one or two ~50% water changes a week. As you can see, even without the use of CO2, the red plants are still colorful. Not as intensely red, but still very pretty. And I've noticed new growth isn't green.



    I am looking forward to the new plant selection Vish has coming up in August, ESPECIALLY the crypts! He has a good variety of uncommon-to-rare kinds such as Flamingo, Nurii, Mi Oya, Spiralis Tiger, Hudoroi, and many more. Check out his current(ly huge) selection here and give feedback on what plants you'd like to see from him here. If you are interested in his plants, you can message @Vishaquatics privately or reply to his selling posts in the Buy, Sell, Trade, Free section of the forum. He ships within the continental US.

    Follow Vish on Instagram @Vishaquatics for more photos and videos! You can also follow my Instagram if you want, I am much more active with tank and aquatic life updates there than I am on here. I only update my Stories though, and I post other stuff too (mainly my cats). Too lazy to deal with actual Instagram posts lol. My IG is @lostshorelines.

    More plant and tank photos to come in the comments!
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    Some more photos of the plants @Vishaquatics sent me + tank photos.

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    Thank you so much for this post! Stunning tank!!
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    Wow, first time I've seen someone with my 7 gallon as well!
    The internal filter is actually built-in. I didn't get that version because I wanted more tank space and planned to just use like a sponge filter. You must've gotten the one without the filter like me. I only bought the tank, though, not the set with the lights and all the stuff you got.

    I'm gonna have to hide this thread from my betta so he doesn't see how much his tank sucks.
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    haha i'm sure it doesn't suck!! it was my first time seeing it at my lfs. i definitely didn't want the built-in filter model. i was looking at the 4 different models on the box and the model i got is actually supposed to include a filter (not built-in) much like the penn-plax one i bought. oh well
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    It does though... I moved most of his plants to the 25 gallon for the livebearer fry. I don't have enough plants and hardscape... I keep buying plants thinking "this is the last time," but then I encounter problems with them (melting, die off, lost in mail, etc.) and it doesn't help that more tanks or tubs magically appear with fish (I've no idea how that happens), so I try to spread out my limited resources.

    I've never seen this tank in a store; I ordered it online. I really liked the shape/design. I just didn't know at the time that I hate rimless tanks, never having one before. I also didn't care for the one-piece lid, so for the longest time, I used two sheets of cling wrap and peeled off a corner for feeding so I didn't have to remove the whole lid every time I wanted to feed or do something in part of the tank. I recently got a sheet of polycarbonate though and cut it down to size. I plan on making it either slide or fold.
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    i feel you about the plants lol. and i absolutely HATE the lid!!!!!!!!! it's so hard to get it on and off. i had to buy a stick-on tab for marineland glass canopy lids to help lift it. the first time i set the tank up the dang thing fell in the tank and got chipped. and i hate the things that hold it up too. it's good for keeping things in and out, but if you want to use a hob or even a canister filter or something, you're out of luck. co2 as well. it also heats up really fast because it holds all the evaporation inside. right now i'm using some tulle netting or just letting it go topless because my tank was at 86° :eek: i'm getting a ton of cat fur in there though, which is annoying.
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    There's actually a version of the tank that is built for CO2 injection. I'll let you know if I can devise a cheap alternative to the glass lid that's easy to open and maneuver. I can cut the polycarbonate in half and put on a hinge thing, but I'd prefer sliding the lid so I don't have to take off the light to open the lid. I've seen videos of people make it with glass. I just have to find materials of the right width/measurements.
    I've lost all but one of the plastic bracket things because I'm a clumsy scatterbrain and they fall off pretty easily.

    If it weren't for the snails, fast evaporation, and temp issues, I'd just forego a lid all together... Although even with lids, my nerite snails keep escaping during water changes and gravel vacuuming... No clue where they've gone. :/
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    soon i will be upgrading this tank to a waterbox clear 10 gallon aquarium that i scored from petco for only $35. :) i'm keeping the same basic aquascape, but now there will be more room for more plants! i will update this thread when it's ready.