Vishaquatics Instagram (@vishaquatics) And Announcement



Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I have had to temporarily stop shipping. Shipping will most likely resume after May 17, 2019. Apologies for the delays and inconveniences that this may cause.

I will also soon be done propagating some species that are in high demand and they will be ready soon. Species that are highly anticipated and soon to come:

Hygrophila Cordata Red
Crypt Flamingo
Crypt Green Gecko
Crypt Hudoroi
Crypt Spiralis
Crypt Nurii
Crypt Mioya
Dwarf Hairgrass (super production nearly complete)
Monte Carlo
Ludwigia Rubin

I started an Instagram a while back. The handle is @vishaquatics. Just thought I'd advertise it here if anyone is interested in following it.

Also, if you have ever bought plants from me, PLEASE send me some pictures of your tank as I'd like to post them on my instagram account if that's okay with you.


Cool! I need some of those crypts! lol. Followed btw(bryangar12)

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