Viparspectra vs Nicrew reed LED?


Hello everyone! I am setting up a 225 gallon reef tank and was considering either running 3 of the 165w black boxes from viparspectra, or 3 of the nicrew hyperreef LED lights (undecided if I should get the 100w or 150w). Which lights would be best? At the moment I only plan to keep lps and softies but I would like to have a light that allows me to keep SPS in the future if I decide to. The tank is 72 inches long, 27 front to back, and 27 inches tall.


Once you go over 24 inches in height lighting for corals gets a bit more complicated and I would lean toward the light with more power. I will say this, the Nicrew Hyper Reef LED lights look nice for the money and it's pretty clear they took a page from the AI Hydras for the design. THAT SAID, it's a relatively new and unproven light. The Viparspectra have been a proven light for several years now. So my money says to go with the Viparspectra lights simply because of their track record.

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