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    I was wondering if vietnamese minnows would do well in water temperature of 24c? I was thinking of investing in an intelligent heater which keeps the water at a constant 24c and seems as though I have vietnamese minnows and nothing else I was wondering if this is too warm for them.

    Google says so many different things from 'vietnamese minnows don't need heaters' to 'vietnamese minnows like water temperature to be between 18-25' then 'between 18-23' it's very confusing.
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    My White Clouds, (cousins of the royal Vietnamese Minnows) have go through a range of temperatures from a cold water tank at 17°C to 28°C im their new tropical tank and my females are all showing signs of being fill of eggs! These Minnows are the hardiest little dudes in the universe. They will be fine in 24C.
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    Actually these are two very different fish. White Clouds are found in a cooler climate and shouldn't really be kept above about 22C. Much warmer will shorten their lifespan.
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I don't even know if they are Vietnamese Minnows now! The Garden Centres aquatic store is selling them as Vietnamese Minnows but I think they could be White Clouds.

    Like you said, two different fish with different needs. I don't want to drop a heater in there if they're White Clouds and roast them. I'm on my mobile at the moment so I can't post a photo but I will when I get on my laptop.




    Sorry the quality is rubbish but the little buggers won't stay still.
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    Yup those are definitely white clouds. The Vietnamese Minnows are slightly blue/navyish. Here's a quick pic of my Minnows who are white clouds
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    Well, hopefully in a few weeks I will be moving my whites to a friend's tank in Galway, so the temp they are in is really only temporary. I just wanted to say that the females have begun to display plump little egg full bellies, but that might be as a result of the higher temperature inducing a spawning behaviour? Anyways I was just saying that mine are alive in 28C and have been since mid April. I know they may not be thriving but I'm doing the best I can atm.
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    Most fish will live at warmer temperatures than they're used to, without harm up to a point. But their whole metabolism will speed up meaning they will age more quickly. And at a certain level their physiology (internal processes) will become stressed, which doesn't always show until it's too late.

    A rise of 10C literally doubles the rate of chemical reactions.

    Bellatrix those are indeed White Clouds, which occur between 18-22.
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    They look kind of bluish in certain light...

    The garden centres aquatic shop are selling them as Vietnamese Minnows but I'm not convinced they are, they seem to be White Clouds and I'd like some help properly IDing them as they're two totally different fish with different needs.

    I'll upload a ton of photos see if you guys can help me out.








    I want to get a heater for them because it gets freezing here in winter, I mean freezing! And I know the water temperature is going to drop so I obviously need to know what they are to set the temperature right for them.

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    We've already ID'd them on one of your other threads about them. :)
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    It's not that I don't trust you, it's just I would like a second opinion.
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    Yes, fair enough.

    (and now that the two threads have been merged this one seems a bit strange...)

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    I'm OCD, so it's playing on my mind a bit:
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    The Vietnamese has a bright red anal fin, with no border. The white border on the males identifies these as regular White Clouds, along with the lack of a completely red anal fin.

    The other thing to look at is size. T. micagemmae does not exceed one inch, while T. albonubes can get an inch and three quarters. But you need to get them up to size before this is visible.
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    Shall I inform the garden centre that they've mislabelled them?

    Thanks all.
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    If you wish, but I doubt they'll do anything about it.
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    I definitely would. I'd prepare some pictures with the names of each specie accompanying. Approach them with respect too. They didn't know they mislabeled them ^_^ It happens surprisingly often in one of my local pet stores. (Yikes!) That's the one thing I'm anal about. Research and getting all the facts! If you're going to sell something, at least know what it is
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    That's a good idea.

    Thanks for replying everyone. Much appreciated.