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I went through a lot of trouble to get these guys, and I've got my fingers crossed that I don't kill any more. That's right, they're the most delicate Endlers I've ever encountered. I don't know what happened to them while they were in Germany, but I lost a bunch to ick, which I've never seen in Endlers before. Whew! But they're truly cute, and I had to have them. I know, I know, I keep collecting color morphs like more shoes in different colors. These were like getting a pair of wild leopard print high heels but infinitely more comfortable. Sigh.

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Gorgeous, and there is nothing wrong with collecting the variations (esp if you're willing to sell some of those hundreds to other US collectors )

And thanks for posting video. I'm seeing some definite behavior differences between these two boys and the two I got from a endler mixed breed tank at my lfs, but not as many a I feared. Although they're hovering near her (and I think I spotted some drive-by mating?), that female doesn't look really harassed. Mine are constantly displaying, and the females dart off, much more like fancy guppies, but they do give it a break and the harassment doesn't seem to last as long as I remember from when I bred guppies.

What salinity are you keeping these at?
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