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I'm just posting a link of our regional newspaper.
The link shows an article about the aquarium society "av Betta Splendens"and the vivaristic event they've organized for the third time. It's a local vivaristic event.
The link shows also a short video of the event. And I'm in it as well for a short moment.

And here's a video of the 2017 edition (1st edition of this event) by the local broadcast:
I'm in it as well for a couple of seconds...
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Oh wow I haven’t even watched the video yet & I’m loving that selection of wood!
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And here's another video report made by AAVisie (local broadcast). The chairman of the aquarium society "Betta splendens" had been interviewed in front of my booth. Simultaneously I was interviewed by the regional newspaper "Tubantia". The camera of AAVisie just didn't caught me and the journalist of Tubantia on camera.

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