Video: Fry In Less Than 10 Gallons--the Endlers Prove Me Wrong Again


So I've been saying that I've never had fry survive in under 10 gallons. Well, as they say, never say never! Here is what was supposed to be a quarantine tank for 2 pairs of peacock Endlers, but I just got overwhelmed and didn't get them into a larger tank, and after 6 months, some fry are actually in there! Pardon the horrendous noise--that's the bubbles in the daphnia/dero worm tank :0



LOL! I guess it depends on the endlers. I had a group of 6 peacocks in a 5 gallon tank for months. I had 6 babies in all that time... I moved these peacocks to a 20 gallon and added a few more peacocks from Adrian HD, and voila! I have many many more fry!

I have 2 five gallon tanks with some red chilI and a couple other random hybrids and they do have several babies. I guess they are not as picky as my original peacocks. For sure going with a 10 gallon or bigger seems to have much better fry yield. It sees like one can never say never in this hobby, and there can be exceptions to the rule, but in general, the accepted policies and procedures are there and they most often are the most accurate.

Glad to hear your peacocks are doing well!


I had a pair of chilI endlers in a 5 gallon. They easily had 50 babies in there. I need to find video of that tank.


Well, even I have smaller tanks as well and those endlers are reproducing themselves just fine. And those fry do survive. Maybe something else has happened why they didn't survive...

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