Very Very sick male betta

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by tbox36, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. tbox36New MemberMember

    Ive posted on here before when i first got Dorey my daughters betta fish for her 4th bday and everyone on here helped me so much so i thought i would turn back to you guys for some much needed advice.

    Here's my story...

    The person who gave my daughter her betta for her bday also got her son one for xmas. Its kept in a 2L bowl, not heated or filtered. I noticed about 2 weeks ago her fish was hardly moving and his water was so dirty and gross. I even tapped on the tank hard and he didnt move. I told her what i saw and she told me later on that she changed his water so i left it at that. Well she came to my house yesterday and seen the set up i have for my daughters betta and how much i have learned (thanks to all of you) about betta care and ask any questions she may have. Well she called me today saying hes not moving or eating and just doesnt look right. I went there myself to see how the little guy was and omg he looks horrible. She asked me to take him and see if i can make him well so i did. She also told me she cleaned his tank TODAY and when i tested the ammonia it was 8.0 or higher. I immediately got my daughters old fish bowl out and treated the water, added salt and xfered him to the clean water about half hr after acclimating him. (sorry this is so long)

    Heres his problem... I dont know if hes got ick or dropsy or maybe he has both. He could aslo have swim blatter too. I would say he has ammonia poisoning for sure. He may have Gill Parasites. He has white spots all over his scales. He has clamped fins. Hes floating on the top of the bowl but not on his side. Hes bloated badly and he also looks like how dropsy looks. Hes breathing quite fast and his gills are always open. I keep comparing him to my healthy betta dorey and man there is soooo much of a difference. i dont know what to do for this little guy. If i can get pics of him i will post. Oh and his caudal fin the end of it is curled.

    Soo sorry this is long i just want to make sure i dont leave anything out.
    Please help.

    I have his mom getting him a bigger heated filtered tank this week. I found out she washed the gravel 1ce per 2 weeks and changed his water once a week. (poor guy)

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thx everyone.
  2. amber0107

    amber0107Well Known MemberMember

    Wow. I'm so glad you've got him and are trying to get him better. The clean water should make a huge difference. I hope someone more knowledgeable than I will be along shortly to help you sort through his symptoms.

    Best of luck!
  3. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    Ya im glad i got him too and im glad i convinced his mom to get a bigger tank with heater and filter.

    I only have one heater for my 5g tank for my betta and i dont know how to keep this little guy warm in this bowl. At least hes got clean water and ammonia is at .5 now. Much better than 8.0 +

    I tried to get pics but i cant get any good ones. He only swims when i touch him and he swims head down and turns his tail to the left. He forms a backwards C if that makes sense. Ive also noticed he seems to gulp air at the surface.

  4. amber0107

    amber0107Well Known MemberMember

    Find the warmest room you can and try to keep the bowl covered to trap in any heat. What's the temp in your home?

  5. Donnerjay

    DonnerjayWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry to read this fish is in such bad shape. I am glad he's with you.

    I know a little about bettas and I'm sad to say, he's in very, very bad shape. Just from what you describe, it doesn't look like he's going to make it. :(

    BUT...there's always hope. Clean water, number 1, and you've got that going. Get the ammonia to zero. Double dose with Prime. If you can place a small towel over the bowl, at least that will keep a little warmth in. The key right now is to avoid extremes in temperature.

    Try not to touch him. If you have stress coat, that will help with his slime coat. If he does have dropsy, that's very serious, as you know. :(

    It sounds like he's got so much going on with him though. I was going to say add some airline tubing and airstone to get him some oxygen, but I'm not sure how that will affect the problems he has. If he does have ich, raising the temperature is the quickest non-medicated way to treat it. But you said you only have one heater.

    This is a tough one. I hope some other Betta aficionados can chime in with some more advice. Keep us posted!
  6. soltarianknight

    soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    well, get the tank he was in, clean it out good, refill it and get him in there, just for the bigger space. Do the 100% clean outs of course. Then try to find a heater to get the temp into the high 70s atleast. We can treat from there. Prime wont do much unless your doing the water changes fallowing it.
  7. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    my house temp is 72 deg cel atm. Im keeping him in my kitchen right beside my coffee pot in the corner of the counter. My coffee pot gives off alot of heat so thats why i picked there. I will cover with a towel. None of the LPS have prime or stress coat but when i changed the water lastnight i did a double dose of nutrafin betta plus conditioner and i gave him 3/4 tsp of aquarium salt.

    This morning hes a bit more lively the ammonia is at .5 and the temp is 74 but he still wont eat. I dont think hes got dropsy now that ive gotten a better look at him in the day light. I think he may have swim bladder and very bad case of ICH. Maybe even fin rot on his caudal fin and he still turns his tail to the left when he swims (not sure if thats due to swim bladder. Im going to my LPS in a bit to see what meds they may have.

    His original 2L "tank" was gross. The bottom had calcium/lime build up. It was gross. My heart broke when i discovered that. I promise he is not going back to his mom until she has a min 2.5 gallon or better with heater and filter for him if i can get him back to his healthy self. If i get him cured, for a temp fix i will divide my 5g i have dorey in and place him in there until she can get him what he needs.
  8. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    So i just spoke to the Nemos dad (thats the sick fishs name) and he told me they have a 20g tank in storage that they used for a saltwater tank a few yrs ago. He wanted me to ask you guys if he can use that tank for this fish (if it survives) because it was used only for saltwater fish. He knows it has to be cleaned very well before they start they cycling process but wanted to know if its ok to use or just buy a new tank.

    Thx for all the advice
  9. kinezumi89

    kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    I'm not sure if others will have a different opinion, but I'm currently using a 55 gallon tank that used to be a saltwater tank. Salt is soluble anyway, so if you clean it very very thoroughly (without soap or cleansers, of course) there shouldn't be a problem. My fish have been in the tank about 3 weeks and they're doing great. Of course, you can't put seashells or coral in, because it will dissolve and change the water parameters (I believe it changes the pH, but I'm not sure on that one).
  10. Shine

    ShineWell Known MemberMember

    If he really has ich, then the best way to treat that is with heat. In the state he is in now, I wouldn't expect him to live through the medications. Check pictures for treating fish on the web, to be sure that is what he has. No point in medicating for something the betta doesn't have.

    Get a heater you can control the temps on. Raise temp to 86F. Keep it there for a full 2 weeks. The increased temperature speeds up the ich parasite's life cycle, and kills it in the larval stage.

    Unless you want dorey to catch ich from the ill-boy I wouldn't suggest putting them in the same tank--divided or not. He's got a whole load of issues going on... most probably directly caused by poor conditions: specifically the ammonia poisoning, fin rot, swim bladder, and possible dropsy. Fortunately those are not contagious. But the ich parasite is. So definitely make sure he is completely cured before dividing your tank

  11. soltarianknight

    soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    I agree, though if you put him in with dorey and raise up the temps there should be no reason for her to catch ich. Still, i would try not to feed more then 2-3 times a week MAX.
  12. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    ya i wont put him in with my other betta till i feel hes fully recovered. I went to my LPS and got some ich treatment and i took the fish with me to see if they saw anything else wrong and i wanted to make sure he didnt have dropsy. What she thinks hes just got ammonia burn. His gills are inflamed large. She didnt see ich but when u look at him with a flashlight hes completely covered with white dots all over him (alot on his face). Hes not swimming in a backwards C this afternoon. I bought a small heater for him and currently letting the temp in his original tank climb to 86. If the temp doesnt work, thats why i got ich treatment. Thx for the replies and advice. You all are great people.
  13. soltarianknight

    soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Which ich treatment. Some of them will harm more the help. Others just are usless.
  14. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    Its the API Liquid super ick cure.

    later im gonna post some pics of him. He seems to be doing A LOT better than he was. The white spots are almost gone, his gills are not as red and inflamed as they were, hes not gasping at the top for air as hard BUT he still is having problems swimming. Its like hes paralyzed from the end of his body down to the tips of his tails. The ends of his caudal fins are curled and looks like they are fuzed together in a ball. I got a few pics but not sure how well they show how his tail looks. He is not swimming right at all that i know.
  15. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    Here are pics i took. The best i could get. First 3 are of the tail curled up and i guess frayed. The last one is showing how he swims. Hes always bent to one side. He doesnt use his tail like other fish.




  16. soltarianknight

    soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    I dont see ich, he doesnt have it. Stop treating imo. Hes thin, very very thin. His fins look fine also. A little frayed but not terrible, proper living conditions will fix this alone. He needs some real food. Frozen brineshrimp, some frozen blood worms and a high quality pellet should be supplied.
  17. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    he did have white spots all over him. But ive been changing the water daily and adding salt and keeping the temp now its at 80 but its been a bit higher, the white spots are gone. I have freeze dried red grubs for my other betta Dorey and Dorey also has flake food which he will not eat but Nemo (the sick guy) will not eat peas (he spits them out) and will not eat the red grubs. The only thing i can get into him are the flakes which my friend who had him has fed him since she got him for her son.

    That last pic i have posted is the way he swims (bent like that) He doesnt swish his tail back and forth like normal fish. I wish i knew how to post videos but i dont so u can see exactly what i mean. He swims messed up. What do u think that might be?? Thats whats concerning me right now and that you informed me hes very thin which i will get on top of asap.

    I had him flaring lastnight which was way cool. He flares better than my healthy betta.

    I will look for what you suggested. Based on how picky he is, what do you recommend that bettas normally cannot resist or he needs all three??
  18. amber0107

    amber0107Well Known MemberMember

  19. OP

    tbox36New MemberMember

    k thx. I will look for those tomorrow.
  20. MD Angels

    MD AngelsWell Known MemberMember

    You're doing a great job, and have been given great advice. He doesn't look that* bad, coming from where you described. But he is very thin. Keep up with the daily WCs and try to find a food he likes.

    Frozen blood worms, brine shrimp, betta pellets (pre-soak). You can try soaking the food in garlic to help his immune system and also to increase his appetite. :)

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