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So I have a 54 gallon tank with a mixture of african/south American cichlids. I recently picked up a couple new fish. One of them being a firemouth. I also have a venustus which has been there since the tank started. When I first got the firemouth he was very timid and would hide from everyone. He had a small standoff with my venustus only to eventually give up. I had the venustus segregated for a couple days. After I added him back again he seems to do nothing but chase the firemouth every chance he sees him. Will the venustus eventually calm down or will the tyranny continue?


The Venustus probably will not let up on the Firemouth. Venustus are a Nimbochromis, a species of predator Hap.
Firemouths are one of the smaller, less aggressive Central American Cichlids. The Firemouth's only defense is to "Flare" its gills in an intimidating manner.
Its not a good idea to mix African Cichlids & New World Cichlids. It usually doesn't end well.


Agreed, mixing Central Americans with Africans often doesn’t end well.
Firemouths are one of the less aggressive cichlids, and shouldn’t be mixed with more aggressive species. Being substrate sifters, their mouthparts are not strong enough for fighting. Firemouths are best in a small group in their own tank, arguably without other cichlids.
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Yea that makes sense. Ive been able to keep dempseys, convicts, and jewel cichlids with then but firemouths are on the more docile side. Although ive heard that firemouth can start to become a pain once they get bigger

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