Very Strange Worm

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  1. cbrLynn

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    Hello there

    I have a 240 ltr tank that has been setup for around 3 weeks now. It has Live Rock and Ocean Rock.

    I have got a few hitchikers with the LR but 1 in particular has got me baffled.


    It's fast as a theif, about 2 inches long and seems to be biting the rock. I have looked on the web but nothing seems to be close to this chap. Does anybody have any ideas?

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  2. lllllblader

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    I hope someone comes to help. I don't know about salt water but that thing looks GIANT. Discard it immediately. IMO it looks like a saltwater centipede lol.
  3. Mike

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    Not sure exactly what that worm is... the sides make it look a little like a bristleworm but then the antennae like things coming out the ends make it not look like a bristleworm, at least none that i've seen before... do a google image search on "saltwater worms" and see if you find a match. Kinda looks like

    There are traps you can make/buy that will get them out.
  4. monkeypie102

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    Looks like some form of spagetti worm? I found a few in my LR but they haven't come out of their hide holes so I can't say for sure! Very cool though... I say keep it until you know for sure or try to isolate it... it could be a helper?
  5. ryanr

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  6. JessiNoel21

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    Looks to me to be a Bobbitt worm and I would get long tongs and get out of your tank if you can they are very predatory and will kill anything that gets to close to them.
  7. OP

    cbrLynnNew MemberMember

    Bottle trap is set and baited with prawn.

    Hopefully i will have something in it tomorrow.

    Pictures to follow (if i catch anything)
  8. Malcolm

    MalcolmValued MemberMember

    Hi there

    It is indeed a bobbit or Eunice worm, they grow large (have seen them over 2 feet long) they are highly predatory and notoriously hard to catch as, like mantis shrimp, they are as smart as a button !!!

    The established best way to deal with them is to remove the rock to a bucket and squirt pure, cold RO water into the holes this should flush (excuse the pun) it out.
    If not then break the rock up to remove it, if you get it out without too much injury to it pop it in a salted/ heated QT tank and watch it for a while, they are strangely attractive in a sort of a morbid way.

    If the rock cannot be removed then you could try the cold RO into its holes in tank but it will likely just move, they are VERY secretive and pretty fast as well as smart, this makes them not easy to trap.

    If you want to observe it then get yourself a flashlight with a red tissue cover for the lens, turn all the room lights out and wait till it has been dark for a couple of hours you will then see it in hunting mode, however you will never see all of it, in my experience they keep 50% anchored into the rock where it lives.

    The very best of luck with this, my best advice is to pull the rock out and get it that way, they can and will decimate a tank !!!!

    Best regards

    PS: just seen that it is a newly set up tank so tear the rockwork apart and move it now, it really will pay you in the long run.
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  9. OP

    cbrLynnNew MemberMember

    Well the bottle trap didn't work :-(

    The prawns disappeared but no Bobbit Worm.

    In the end after reading all about them and what to do to get rid we decided to remove the rock from the tank, chop it in half and see what we could find.

    We found the worm ok, it was about 12 in long! in the end we had to pull it out with tweezers which didn't go well for the worm :-(

    Anyway its gone now.:;hi1
  10. Sturty

    SturtyValued MemberMember

    Any photos of the worm?
  11. scotty b

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    ^ +1 pics would be cool
  12. Atomsk

    AtomskValued MemberMember

    Yuck!!! I'm glad that worm is gone.
  13. Malcolm

    MalcolmValued MemberMember

    Your livestock will be more impressed that you have got rid of it.