Very sick platy....need help fast


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It all started a few months back when some of my plates seemed to have an issue with their lips turning grey.
The first one, her lips turned grey and fuzzy. She started to breath very heavily. Eventually she developed a curved spine and became very skinny (though she had been eating) and died.
Several of my other fish afterwards developed the grey lip issue, but it wasn't fuzzy. They also developed ripped fins.
I did some research and it looked to be columnaris (or that was my best bet).
The ripped din issue eventually went away on its own.
The grey lips, however, remain still. And it seems to eventually be accompanied by heavy breathing and eventually death.
I have one female who, although she had no grey lips, she has been breathing EXTREMELY heavily with her mouth wide open and her gills flared outwards from her body.
Recently I bought a furan-2 kit that I treated the entire tank for, which was supposed to cure columnaris or any other bacterial infection (I suspected it could also be some sort of Gill bacterial infection). I dosed prazipro too just in case.
It did NOT work at all.
I came home and couldn't find her in the tank. After searching for a long while I found her hiding and she is really struggling to breath and looks to be on deaths door.
I don't want to have to euthanize her but I don't want her to suffer and/or spread whatever it is that she has.
I have another female with grey lips and she looks to be in the beggining stage of breathing heavy.
I'm at a COMPLETE loss at what this is and what to do. I'm scared for my fish. Please advise. Thank you

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