Very Sick Goldfish Rescue

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by SaveThemAll1, May 1, 2019.

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    rescued him today his backfin seems clamped all the time he breath rapidly , he has a cotton like hairs near his analfin and he has a red dot on one of his gill cap. hes very thin and dosent want to eat. ive started to treat with kanaplex and thinking about adding prazi, im also think about salt dosage to help with osmoregulation. What do you think about treatment for him? how do you suggest to dose the salt? thank you
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    Wow, that's lot of problems. I think you should start by using stress guard by seachem. He seems quite stressed and that on it;s own can kill your fish. You should also consider using paraguard. Overall, WATER QUALITY! This all sounds like the work of poor water quality. You need to do lots of water changes!
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    Have you read the post? hes a rescue from a neglected tank, of course water quality is the original problem... i took him and put him in a quarantine in my place, for shock prevention i only added 50% of new water of course doing it very slowly. I dont have paraguard, i have prazipro which contains praziquantel which is a very useful anti parasitic med. Im still thinking wether to ude it now or to wait since imnot sure he has paraistes and also dont want to over medicate him since i already used kanaplex{they can be used together though}
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    according to this i'd wait on the prazi since he's not eating.