very scared new blue Question

  1. Nick Della Rocca

    Nick Della Rocca Valued Member Member

    Ok, So As I posted a few days I just got my blue on wed. When the lady at the petstore was getting him from his hideout some shell came out wth him as if he was just molting. Seems the past day he has been getting a little bit more active witch makes me happy, but now, I have some of his food on the floor thats making my tank nasty. Ive been scooping it out with my fish net. But heres my question. Knowing he is in there and scared as , Should it be a better move for me to not do a partial clean? Should i wait for him to be more comfy in his new home and shell and lets say wait a week and do it next weekend? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Oh, sidenote His shell seems to be getting a bit darker shade of blue, So I want to assume that his new shell is hardening because when we frst got him he seemed a little cloudy in color but know its clearing up and looking good from what I can tell.
  2. Tonia

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    Just like a fish when you're not sure if it's healthy or possibly under the weather, I would suggest making sure you keep the tank clean. Do a partial water change to help get rid of the nasty tank problem.

    Was the tank cycled before you put the crawfish in there? What filtration are you using? How often are you feeding him? What are you feeding him?

    It sounds as if you may be feeding too much. If you are having enough leftover food that you need to scoop with a net, you should cut back how much you are offering.
  3. OP
    Nick Della Rocca

    Nick Della Rocca Valued Member Member

    its the fluval whisper. i am feeding him a mix between carni pellets algea wafers and shrimp pellets. the problem is he is not eating at all. i think its because before i got him he was molting. iv notuced that he is coming out a very little bit. im sure its fine im just overthinking