Very New-my Fish Are All Sick At Once.tuberculosis?

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I am very new to keeping fish. And by very new I mean I won a fishbowl full of tiny wild type guppies as a doorprize. I have had them two weeks, and now they are all acting strange. I still have them in the bowl. Until starting to research I didn’t realize that I needed to do anything with them other than change their water at least once a week or more often if it was cloudy or smelly, and feed them fish flakes.
Now they are having trouble swimming and some of them are rolling over.
When I noticed the first sick one I quarantined him in a little bowl, and my google research led me to think he was constipated. But now they are all showing symptoms and I’m paranoid about fish tuberculosis (too much time with google, I hope) because one has died and it looked bent in the middle. Help, I have small kids so I’m freaking out.
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Not very likely to be fish TB. More than likely ammonia poisoning.
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How many fish do you have and how big is the bowl?
Chances are, it's ammonia poisoning as mentioned above, which is caused by an excess of fish waste and not enough water changes. Goldfish are massive waste producers and you should probably be doing at least 75% water changes every day to keep the ammonia in check.
Edit: Just saw that they are guppies, not goldfish.
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There were initially 16 very tiny fish (I mean most were pinhead size) .Ammonia poisoning would make sense as I did not know to change the water every day. Is it too late to help them?
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Hard to say. Keeping up with the water change schedule I posted above until they get better will help them to have the best chances of survival. Once they seem to be healthy, you can probably cut it back to once every 3 days or so, depending on the size of the bowl.
Would it be possible for you to upgrade them to a tank of at least 10 gallons or so in the near future?
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I probably can’t get a tank-I’m don’t know where I would put it. However I will see if I can find a place. They are currently on the counter out of reach of the children The fish in quarantine hasn’t died yet (he got sick yesterday) but the fresh water didn’t seem to help.
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Be sure to age the water (if from tap) for 24hrs prior to using it for your fish.
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This post is definitely NOT intended to bash ONEIL3 in any way.

Having said that, I just cannot understand the insensitivity and ignorance of anyone or any group giving away fish as a doorprize with the possibility of them being won by someone who is not familiar with the fundamentals of proper fishkeeping.
How stupid can some people be ???!!!
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Death sentences for most fish given away like this.
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Well I am doing my best for mine. Changed the water, planning on getting a tank. Hoping to keep them alive. My kids love them and I think they are beautiful.

I’m using well water (no chlorine) but I let it rest as well.
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Good for you for researching to improve your care of them! How about 50% water change daily. Is that do-able for you? How large is the tank & how large are the fish? I am sure your kids are attached - I know mine get attached to new fish quickly. Do you think you could add a simple sponge filter to the bowl? All you need is an air pump & sponge filter attachment (<$20). However it might not fit or be in your budget. Keep posting so we can help you as much as possible.
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I’m planning on going hopefully tomorrow and purchasing a ten gallon aquarium, if it’s not outrageously expensive (I think Walmart has the tank for $20 or so which is doable) The bowl only holds 1/2-3/4 of a gallon. I am also planning on giving them a cooked and deshelled frozen pea later today, as I am pretty sure they are bloated/ over fed (oops)
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Don't google or you'll find out you're doomed.

Info and pics are better.
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Fish are looking / acting much better. The fish in quarantine was basically upside down for two days ( I thought it was dead several times). It is now able to swim, and while it still kinda gets turned over or straight up and down, it is able to right itself relatively quickly. Here’s hoping!
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The fish in quarantine died . I think I changed its water too quickly and shocked it. The others are mostly ok I think. A couple of them are a little unsteady but I don’t know what else to do for them. Going to get an aquarium in a little while.
I’ll probably make a new thread but how long should I wait before putting them in the tank, and is it normal for the water to have tiny bubbles like it was carbonated?

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