Very Lazy King Betta

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Bettafishlover7308, May 16, 2018.


Very lazy king betta help

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  1. Bettafishlover7308New MemberMember

    i have a very lazy king betta male that is very lazy and spends 90% of his time sleeping on his gravel. I’ve noticed a few times that he has clamped fins. He only seems active when I’m doing something around his tank or feeding time. I’m not sure if he is stressed or bored. Also I’m not sure how old he is either. I will try to get some photos of him and get to a pet store to have his water tested. yes I know, bettas can be very lazy lol.i
  2. Fanatic

    FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    What size is the tank he’s in? Does it have a filter and heater? What is the temperature. I would have to disagree to bettas being lazy, none of mine ever sit on the bottom, they are always swimming around and asking for food.
  3. OP

    Bettafishlover7308New MemberMember

    I think the fish bowl size is 1 to 2 gallons. I don't have a heater or filter. It's been getting pretty hot during the day around 25 to 27. Also i don't know what the house temperature is. I'd have to check. I'll put him in a sick tank for now and until i get a chance to get a water sample tested at a pet store. I'll wait to medicate him until i can figure out what the problem is and if it can be corrected easily or not. I'm not sure if the hot weather is affecting him, or having the window open but I'll get my fan going and see if that makes a difference for him or not.
  4. OneLittleBubble

    OneLittleBubbleWell Known MemberMember

    Bettas should have a minimum of 2.5 gallons, and should definitely have a filter. If you don't have a filter you should be doing daily water changes, and that's not good for the bacteria.
  5. aussieJJDude

    aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    Sometimes space can play a big issue in the activity level of bettas, and as the poster above mentioned a larger tank size can help!

    Likewise, considering to purchase items like filters and heaters are never a bad thing.
    The filter will help water quality, and help you to keep the tank healthy. Likewise, it also supports the growth of benefitual bacteria, which helps break down toxic fish waste into less toxic forms. Plus they also enjoy the stimulation from the water current providing its not too strong.
    The heater on the other hand ensures the water either doesnt wildly fluctuate - which happens easily in a small bowl - and also doesn't get too low, as bettas are tropical fish. If the betta is kept in water thats too low (and also high) they are prone to not being happy and displaying symptoms like bottom sitting.

    I'm unsure of your tank conditions and water change regime, but sometimes having decor and better yet, live plants can help give him some stimulation but plants also help remove some toxic waste from the water.... which is never a bad thing! If possible, getting some easy to grow plants in there can help both you and your betta for the time being! Plants like anubias, java fern and mosses are extremely easy to keep, and often ambient lighting will suffice. Likewise, using bog plants, or others like pothos by having the leaves exposed and roots in the water will form a rudimentary filter until you can go out and purchase a proper filter - and offer places to explore amongst the roots....

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