Very cloudy water


So I put driftwood in my tank for about a day or 2 and it made my water cloudy and brown I boiled and soaked it both but still brown and cloudy. I do have an overstocked tank but it never made a difference to the water because I do 50% like twice a week and recently I did 50% every few days this week but it’s still cloudy even after running 2 filters (1 sponge and 1 immersed filter) it’s driving me crazy and I really don’t want to rehome my fish even though I don’t think that’s the issue I don’t know though sorry for all the reading and thankyou for reading ((picture is during a water change 50%)) and that’s the best it looked in about 2 weeks
My parameters are
Ammonia: 0
Nitrates: unknown since I’m in the middle of a water change

also a 20 gal tank with 4 dwarf platties,3 small/tiny goldfish and TEMPORARILY until my other tank cycles 4 panda cories and a betta


Certain kinds of driftwood will make your water brown. They call it tannins and the fish like these tannins. Most wood will eventually stop leeching. You can put some carbon in your filter to help you out with it if you don't like it. Otherwise it will eventually stop.

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