Very Cloudy and slightly smelly in 24 hours?

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    I'm brand new here, so... Hi.

    Way back in my university years, I kept a 20 gallon aquarium. Ihad it for approximately 6 years.

    Well, yesterday I finishedsetting up a 10 gallon one. It has 2 Dwarf Gouramis and 3 Platies.That's neither here nor there as regards my question.

    In ONEDAY my tank went from crystal clear to very cloudy. I tried thatcommercial 'de-clouder' to no effect.

    I'm at a loss. I am notdoing anything different than when I had a 20 gallon 20 years ago. Iam thinking of changing the pump as I bought a low end one - but ONEDAY?! I'm going to begin a complete water change tomorrow and supposeI'll be stuck doing so until I get a new pump.

    What do y'allthink of these (non-UL to begin with) 'Tetra Whisper Air Pump
    s?' It sits on the bottom and looks like an alienspaceship. Are these superior? Now I have an AqueonQuietFlow filter. Cut and paste either name into Amazon ifyou're unfamiliar. I'd PREFER the old fashioned AqueonQuietFlow kind that hang on the outside and create littlewaterfalls.

    ANYTHING else I may be missing?

    Frankly, HELP!!!


    PS: I ordered a fancy snail, but it's nascence shouldn't bedoing this!

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    Welcome to the forum :)

    Sounds like a bacteria bloom since it's a new tank. It should go away on its own. I would stop using the de-clouding chemical as that could make things worse and could be contributing to the smell.

    Having an air pump isn't really necessary since the Aqueon filter you have should suffice but I don't think that would really help the cloudiness if that's what you're thinking a better pump will do.

    Also, I know this wasn't part of your question but I want to warn you that if you have two male DG's, they will fight and possibly kill each other. Also, even one isn't appropriate for a 10g so I would rehome both of them or upgrade to at least a 20g and keep one.

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    My tank has been semi cloudy for maybe a week , the ammonia was at .50 at last check , lost 3 tiger barb , wish I knew what issue was