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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by jerilovesfrogs, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. jerilovesfrogs

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    ok, i have my new(ish) betta girl in a 5hex. i decided i wanted a nerite snail:animal0070: for her tank....i have two in my 20g and really like them! so i walked out with 2 nerites. one for her and one for another tank that's not quite ready, so i put both in 5g temporarily.

    when they were floating in their bag, guinevere (gwen), came over and was checking them out. no flaring though. so after a bit i put them in....gwen came over to see them and swam away a couple times. THEN the nipping began. she nipped one, then the other.:eek: she proceeded to stalk them for about 15 min before i took them out. they both have their antenas nipped and i hope they grow back. i feel bad for them.

    are females more aggressive than males? or are they both equally so? the plan now is (at somepoint) to try one in the divided 10g.....which only has one betta male at this point, and leave the other in the 20g.

    are 3 snails in a 20H too many? would fred accept a nerite better than gwen? or is this just trial and error. :;sh
  2. midthought

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    Generally speaking I don't think females are *more* aggressive and often are less aggressive. But it's important to note that individual females can definitely be just *as* aggressive as males -- or more specifically, aggressive males. Not all fish are created equal. :) I think the answer to your question is that it's just trial and error. As for the 3 snails in a 20H, I can't say at all. :-X I would think that snails have such a low bioload that would be fine, but that's just a guess. :;dk
  3. Red1313

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    I had a female that was incredibly passive, however most of my girls flare, and act as aggressively as the males. Female can acutally be worse since they don't have the heavy fins slowing them down when they torment their tank-mates...
  4. Furallicah

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    Your snails Antena will grow back over time, shouldn't take them to long.
  5. fishtroy

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    The girls can be more placid than the boys or they can be more aggressive than the boys. It is all personality. Clearly Gwen's the nippy kind! Hopefully your boy would be more gentle. :)
  6. Aquagirl1978

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    I had a male betta years ago that lived in a 10g tank with an algae eater and two snails and never had a problem. I later had another Betta who would attack his shadow if he saw it. Different fish Different personalities, Just like us.
  7. Shine

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    So far the only fish I have that harrassed the snails (and even killed the one :() has been my goldfish! Evil goldfish :-\ They ate all its antennas off too.

    My one betta flares at his snail 'room-mate' sometimes, and I have even seen him 'peck' at it; but his biggest issue with the snail is that it doesn't give ground when he poses. He's my most aggressive boy... Oddly he is less offended by the corys :rolleyes:
  8. OP

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    shine: :eek: goldie killed a snail!? oh no. i guess i never thought of goldfish as being super aggressive. that's what i was afraid of......i'd wake up and gwen has killed the snails. that's why i took them out so fast.

    they are betta free at the moment....i would like to try one with my male. i'm scared he'll nip them too and then they'll be really hurt......but i'll be close by to save them. :D
  9. Shine

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    Well, I don't think the goldfish killed the snail directly (a mystery snail btw)... but I had seen them trying to bite the snail's 'foot' as it climbed the wall (after they had already torn the antenna off) and the snail would pull into its shell, and just wait till they'd leave.... but I had seen it fall off the wall to hide more effectively a time or two; so I suspect that it probably died because it couldn't get to the surface to breathe....

    Nasty goldfish! lol--just think what I have to look forward to once they grow up! they are only about the size of a betta right now (just under 2 inches long) Terrors :;sonar
  10. hooxeii

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    Maybe she thought you'd purchased her some escargot?

    Sometimes fish can't resist nipping at those antennae. They do look a bit like worms, after all! I've known just as many male snail-killers as females ;)
  11. Charlemagne

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    Feisty little thing! Lol, hope you have better luck w/ your males. :O do mystery snails have to get to the surface to breathe? I didn't know that! our snail last night kept trying to climb up the wall, but he's so heavy he kept falling off :( Will he be able to get to the surface???
  12. Shine

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    Charlemagne: "The respiratory system of the apple snail is highly adapted to tropical waters, which once in a while dry up. This change in water availability is reflected in the apple snails respiration system: a combination of both a gill and a lung." Quote from this page

    I'm actually surprised that your girl was interested (read :eek:bsessed) in the nerite snails jeri... I haven't had any of my fish appear to even notice the nerites existance