Very Aggressive Male Guppy

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by jokerrk, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. jokerrkValued MemberMember

    Hey guys,
    I have a 20 gallon fish tank with 3 males and 3 female guppies. One of the male fish recently has become very aggresive and I was wondering what I can do to calm him down. Before 1 male was following a female all the time and now that male has started to attack the male following the female. And they both go into like a battle stance and keep swimming around each other. And occasionally the aggressive one will attack the females tail and then the other male steps in and go into a battle stance. This just started happening today, should I wait it out until tomorrow and see if he calms down or should I remove him from the tank asap for now?
  2. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

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    Is there anything else in the tank?

    Generally, you want more female guppies than males, and that could be why one of your males is getting aggressive. (If you don't have any other fish) you could try getting a few more females, and rearranging the decorations just before you add them.
  3. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    It is a position showing and the only thing the would stop it is 3 more females that way each male has 2 females. And like dolphin said move the decor before putting the new females in the tank. If that does not work put him in time out in a breeder net that is what I did with mine and after being it the net three days he calmed right down.
  4. jokerrkValued MemberMember

    I am waiting for the local store to get more female guppies sadly :(. They don't get anymore until Monday next week :(
  5. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    That's not too bad :) Until then, though, rearrange the tank, and give fishie time outs!
  6. jokerrkValued MemberMember

    Here is a video of what I mean. I just saw him attacking the other male. Kinda of funny how they grabbed each other at the end of the clip.

  7. Brandon O'BrianNew MemberMember

    If too many males want the same female, they will be a bit mean (as already stated in previous posts). Also, I've noticed specific strains of guppies can be aggresive. A strain of lyretails I get every now and then are very aggresive. Every time I buy this strain (they look like blonde Endler's), they terrorize the entire stock.
  8. jokerrkValued MemberMember

    Sadly, the female guppy that was pregnant died. It looked like she was almost ready to give birth, since I found 1 fry. Then in like 2 days her gravid spot turned red and looked like her guts were coming out and I think this is due to the male biting her in the back area there :(. When i took her out of the tank her stomach was like coming open and around 10 fry came out all dead :(. Sad to see that happen. I noticed they bite when they take a dump. Like they try to eat it before it comes out :S