Vented labs, but.... Question

  1. delta5 Well Known Member Member

    When I first added the 2 biggest labs they did this circle chase in a cave, but that was the end of it and no eggs. Well I finally got to vent the 2 biggest and I'm 99% sure they're both female. One of them has a little egg spot, but its not like one of my smaller lab's spot.

    The 3rd biggest lab is def a boy, vented, and has large egg spot on anal fin. BUT, he doesn't chase the females or seems to care about them at all. Can fish be gay? He is at most 2"

    The 2 smallest I can't tell.
  2. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    Fish can be often witty, life of party types, but rarely gay.
    I suspect that the confusion on gender lies not with your fish:)-----rick