Velvet swordtail trouble?

  1. Evan1 Initiate Member

    I had two female velvet swordtails. One died after being sick for a while. So I went out and bought a new swordtail to tak it's place. It ended up being a male swrod, somewhat smaller then the older female. The female seems to chase him around the tank. Is this being playful or hostile? Thanks. Evan ??? :) ???
  2. Jason Well Known Member Member

    She might just be showing him who's boss in the tank, eventually they should sort it out. but most of the time its the male doin all the chasin ;).
  3. Evan1 Initiate Member

    Hah, ya I bet he'll get into chasing her. I noticed the first hour or so she chased him around, but later last night, they weren't chasing each other. Maybe she was just hazing the new guy lol. I also am wondering why my marble molly idles very calmy, almost without any movement, by herself in the corner at the top of the tank?? :eek: :)
  4. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Maybe the female swordtail was just checking the new guy out and saying "this is my tank where did you come from and what did you do with my fella." Now they've got it all figured out and they each have a place in the tank. Maybe the molly is a little stressed from all the chasing they were doing. Keep an eye on it. stress causes illness frequently. Just my thoughts.
  5. Evan1 Initiate Member

    My swords are all good now. But about my Molly! Ugh!! My molly was never chased, nor chased anyone. It just hung out quietly at the top. About a month back I bought a Dalmation molly and for the first day it hung out alone at the top. I woke up the next day to it dead. And yesterday i bought a marble molly and it hung out at the top, and one day later, today, it too died!!! UGHH why are my molly's dying after one day?? Frustrated, please help!! ??? :'(
  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    I didn't mean your molly was chasing or being chased. But sometimes the things going on in your tank can affect the other occupants. Do you have any salt in the water? Swords don't need salt but mollys need a little.
  7. Evan1 Initiate Member

    No there's no salt. I never knew they needed any. They're in the freshwater fish section and the store.
  8. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

  9. Evan1 Initiate Member

    Thanks Carol.
  10. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Most Welcome!! ;D