Velvet Epidemic Please Help

  1. BodaciousBetta

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    I am so overwhelmed and devastated. I am having a velvet outbreak with my bettas....not really sure how it has spread as I previously only had one infected fish. I'm thinking maybe the hose I use to clean tank. Only one fish has the gold dust but now I can see the little critters swimming in my other tanks. I have had my other tank covered with a black trash bag to eliminate light and have been dosing with general cute for parasites but have seen zero improvement with my fish or even reduction in the critters in the tank. So my questions I guess are:

    What is the most effective form of treatment? Do I remove the snails and treat the bettas in their tanks or put them in quarantine bowls (I don't have 3 spare tanks/filters around for proper quarantine) if in bowls how do I rid the parasites from the tanks? Would a UV filter do the trick in ridding the tank? I have never dealt with anything like velvet....this is a nightmare.
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    Okay, don't freak out quite yet; you got this, and don't forget to breathe :). It most likely did spread from using your hose as Velvet is a parasite. In this case, make sure you sterilize your hose very well after you do WC (this can be after doing them on all the tank). I would treat them in their tanks as the parasite may have already dropped larvae during their life cycle, so you want to get rid of it in the tank completely.

    1) do an 80% WC

    2) Increase your temp to 82-84 and keep it there until a week after the symptoms have completely been gone.

    3) Remove the carbon (if you haven't already done so)

    4) Keep your lights off during the duration of treatment (which you've done)

    5) Use Jungle Velvet Guard OR Mardel's Coppersafe (a bit more effective) and follow the instructions on the bottle. You may need malachite green as a backup, but only if the condition gets worse (but it doesn't hurt to have jic for the future)
    *remove your inverts; the medications contain some pretty strong stuff and Coppersafe has copper sulfate which is deadly to your inverts
    * if you do go with the Coppersafe, slightly underdose; you have to keep in mind of their labrynth organ. So make sure to be very precise in how much you dosing. If this is a bit intimidating, then the Jungle Velvet Guard will be just fine as well

    Pics would be very much appreciated! (I'm also curious about the critters floating around in the tank?)