Veggies for Pleco

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So. I know plecos like veggies. So I wanna treat mine aside from the normal algae wafer. Do they prefer certain veggies? I was planning on boiling sliced zucchini. I feed once a day at 3:30 and I feed 1 algae wafer, some tetra color flakes, and shrimp pellets. Should I use all of that plus the zucchini? Or drop the algae wafer on days I give zucchini? I'm hoping my cory's don't devour it before my pleco's have a chance.
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You could try feeding the cories shrimp pellets in one part of the tank and feed the pleco in another part.
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You could try feeding the cories shrimp pellets in one part of the tank and feed the pleco in another part.

It's actually quite amusing, but if I don't feed them in the same spot, they almost pout. I dropped the algae wafer in the other day, and it accidentally landed on the driftwood instead of the sand. They saw I was feeding and started swimming in the corner looking for it, and when they didn't they put their fins down and swam to a corner where they sat. Periodically checking the corner again, and then going back to sit in the other. So what I'll probably have to do is give it to them outside feeding time, or try and place it by them by hand without frightening them away
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I feed my pleco cucumber as a treat every couple of days. Normally she gets algae wafers. I don't boil it, I just cut off a slice and spear it with a teaspoon. She sucks the centre out of it. Gouramis like it too. I leave it about a day before I take it out.
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Mine likes zuchini, acorn squash, spinach, grapes, and cherries. I always give mine a couple shrimp pellets in the afternoon which he goes nuts for and trade out a new different veggie or fruit every 24 hours. He also gets algae wafers every couple days.

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Good morning,

I have moved your thread from Freshwater Beginners to Freshwater Tank Equipment/Fish Food section of the forum.

It is perfectly fine to feed your fish, all fish, fresh veggies. It may take several tries before the fish realize the veggies are food so do not give up if they do not take to it right away.

I feed my Plecos and other bottom dwellers a slice of raw zucchinI every morning. I do not blanch it or boil it or nuke it in the microwave. It goes in raw. I slice the zucchinI round about 3" to 4" thick, add plant anchors to the bottom of the slice to make it sink and I stuff the slice with algae wafers, food sticks. All of the fish feed from it eventually but this gives my bottom dwellers a chance to eat before it is all stolen by other tank mates.

Bottom dwellers consists of Sail Fin Pleco, Bristle Nose Pleco, Emerald Cory Cats, rainbow Shark. All of my fish will feed from the slice at some point.

If you feed thawed frozen peas, these have already been blanched and there is no need to blanch them again.

Romaine lettuce is a big hit with all of my fish too. Note that Romaine Lettuce has more nutritional value than Iceberg Lettuce.

Veggie clip:

(best I have found to date. The Nemo clips break before I even get them in the tank)

Keeping Romaine Lettuce fresh:
Keeping Romaine Lettuce Fresh | aquarist 69731

Nutritional value:

Breakfast! Treat Day! | aquarist 90859

New Fish Food | aquarist 102685

My Silver Dollars love the green skin from the zucchinI slice and they can really munch away big time! The Sail Fin Pleco prefers the meat of the zucchinI while my Bristle Nose Pleco prefers the green skin also. Sometimes I just remove the skin, soak it in Vita Chem and Garlic Guard, slice it into tiny pieces the fish can easily swallow and it's eaten by everyone in the tank.

The Romaine Lettuce I leave in the tank until the fish have eaten to the rib of the leaf then I remove it. The ZucchinI slice I leave in the tank for about 5 to 6 hours and I remove it before I lose the plant anchors that weigh the slice.

If you feed at night, be sure to remove any uneaten portions the next morning.


Link to Ken's Fish Foods (not my site!)
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I feed mine zucchini, cucumber, bell peppers, grapes and pumpkin (I cook the pumpkin in the microwave so it's not to hard)

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I decided to buy a ZuchinnI yesterday while at the store. ORGANIC might I add! Expensive stuff!

Here are two pics of the 1st encounter. The Bristolnose took to it as well as my Mystery snail.


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