UVB bulb for Box Turtle? Question

  1. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Would either of these bulbs be sufficient?



    Asking for a friend who is on a budget, but obviously wants to have everything she needs for her new little guy (when she gets him).

    For the warmer months left, she would take his enclosure outdoors, so she's just asking for the winter to supplement what he would lose from not going outside everyday.
    If you have one, let me know what you use!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    Depending on how tall the light will be

  3. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    I prefer the zoo mad reptisun. Ivevuaed them in the past, both desert and tropical and love them. They bring out true colors of the reptile and make them much more active and healthy. Make sure your friend gets a deep dome lamp fixture because these bulbs are pretty tall.

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  4. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    Its a pretty big dome, unsure how deep... I guess she could order the bulb and hope for the best and if worse comes to worse try to find another bulb, or a deeper dome.

  5. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    She's been receiving a lot of conflicting info when she asked a tortoise/turtle forum.

    Similar to caudata, they get really snippy if you mention one wrong thing, then nobody helps you. I read the replies to her, they're just flat out rude!

    i knew FL would be of help! :)
  6. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Yea some reptile forums can be that way, and it sucks because I'm obsessed with reptiles but wont join any of the forums because I can have a temper lol :p Fishlore to the rescue!! Haha :)

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  7. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    They basically told her not to bother getting a turtle if she can't dedicate a large area outdoors for it. She lives in the country, so she only wants to leave it outside while she's outside.

    Reptiles are awesome! I'm jealous of all of yours, especially your new monitor! So gorgeous!

  8. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Wow really... Yea I dont understand most people. Your friend sounds like a great pet owner and I have no doubt she will take amazing care of her turtle. Some people just dont get it. They just need to answer her question and leave the rest out haha but anyway there's my rant..
    Why thank you!!! :D and yea I'm alittle obsessed with them :p I want even more!! And have now caught my self setting up a dubia roach colony just for them. Lol the expense never ends.. ;)

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  9. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    That UVB bulb looks OK to me also. It's definitely worth setting up an outdoors enclosure for the turtle to play in even if it's only while being supervised. That would help negate the need for supplemental UVB also. But it definitely can be a good bit of work to set one up so I understand why it's not the most feasible thing.

    Either way, if he's staying in a tank also consider sectioning the tank off and putting water in it. Box turtles love water, as long as they can easily get in and out of it. Mine spend about half of their time swimming around in the pond.

    *edit* I totallly missed the part about where his enclosure would be going out during the summer months. Sounds like a great plan to me. Instead of the standard UVB bulb also consider getting one of the combination heat/uvb bulbs, 2 birds with one stone.
  10. misfihts Initiate Member

    I'm the friend she's talking about , I made an account to better explain , for right now I have a pretty large rabbit cage as I'm wanting to get a baby , my lovely best friend just bought me a hood light for it and I purchased the zed med bulb , however it still needs a basking light , I have a metal dome light fixture with a 85 watt blue flood bulb , the woman I purchased it fr reassured that she used it for her reptiles, so I was wondering if it would be fine for a box turtle or would it be too hot, I don't want to get him over heated or dried out so I want to make sure I get what's best for him as I'd love for him to grow up with my daughter

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  11. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    I also bought her this terrarium hood, that you can use the UVB bulb in, I figured for $9, she could put that UVB bulb and set it on one side of the habitat... Since it's a hood, so it's flush, and the light is sideways inside...


    Any addt'l info would be really appreciated before I ship this hood out to her, cause if more than one person says it doesn't work, I can return it. :)

    Thanks everyone!
  12. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    I don't see why it wouldn't work. That basking light is fine also the biggest thing is to have either a dimmer on it to control the heat or be able to position it to where it's not too hot/too cold. I have used a regular old incandescent bulb for a heat lamp and it worked great.
  13. misfihts Initiate Member

    Thank you for the replies, much much more helpful than the tortoise forums. Another thing is bedding, I've read about top soil & such, I was trying to get close to home since I live an hour away from pet stores / walmart, I have two hardware stores near me however so when I heard about the soil I figured I could just go there and get it. Everything else I've had to order online.
  14. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Yes you can use regular old topsoil, the big box stores all have it. Just be sure to get the plain cheap stuff, it's usually around $1.50 a bag or so, and be sure it doesn't have any perlite or other materials/fertilizers in it. They look like little white pellets.

    There's a lot of writeups online about what kind of bedding to use with box turtles. I suppose they are pretty accurate but honestly in our outdoor setup we have lots of 'no-no' things in there with them, like small gravel and pine bark. The gravel thing is definitely an issue with aquatic turtles but I haven't really seen my box turtles do anything other than dig in it for bugs. And they also dig and bury themselves in the pine bark. I'd be a little more worried about it but I remember finding box turtles all the time in the overgrown pine woods around my neighborhood, so I think it's kinda overblown.
  15. misfihts Initiate Member

    I'm so glad I joined this site xD , I've had SO many conflicting answers and was told to get this and that , I'm glad I can use the top soil , thankfully I have two hardware stores in town so I'll check them out hopefully tomorrow :) , thank you . Maybe now I'll finally be able to set up, I've been trying to figure all this stuff out for over a month now , and every forum I've gone too I've been yelled at and have come across some really nasty rude people who basically told me I shouldn't get a turtle if I wasn't going to leave it outside.
  16. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Well as with any hobby there are people who are very black and white about their advice and beliefs. I do think it's a best practice to keep box turtles outdoors at least when the weather is suitable, but when they are very small I'd rather have one in an indoor setting so I can keep an close eye on him.
  17. misfihts Initiate Member

    I agree , I've been looking at little ones . I also planned on having a small outdoor enclosure later on down the road, but right now keeping it outside full term isn't my option atm sadly :C so I wanted to make sure it would have everything it needed being indoors and including the winter months , since the weather is always so crazy it's hard to say what type of winter weather I'll be facing so I wanted to be completely sure of everything.