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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by steed1172, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. steed1172

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    what do UV sterilizers do for aquariums?..will it hurt my beneficial bacteria, worth the investment?

    also ive heard they can spot or prevent algal blooms, even in outdoor ponds?
  2. Aquarist

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  3. Nate McFin

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    A Uv sterilizer is a pump attached to a UV light. The water passes in front of the UV light kills what passes in front of it. (The opening is small so you fish are safe!)

    I would say its worth the investment.It wont prevent algae but it will kill algae that is floating. Green water wont happen again. Other types of algae may as they are attached to rocks. I scrub the decoration and walls of my tank durinmg cleaning. Turn on the UV for awhile and while those algaes are suspended in water it will kill them also.
    It is also good to have for parasites for the same reason. With parasites however the flow rate will need to be slow enough that the parasites have sufficient time in front of the light to kill them.
    In tanks- are the cheapest but they take up room. (I dont leave mine in the tank myself but you can use plants etc. to hide them some)
    Out of tanks are great if you have more money to spend. The "Turbo Twist" is a nice model you hook up your own pump or use it between a canister filter and the tank. It doesnt take any room in the tank. You can also adjust the flow rate for reason stated above. In tanks can go for a few hundred dollars.
    I use the Green Killing Machine from Petsmart as it was cheap compared to others.( $50-80 depending on the flow rate you want) It works great. I only use it for a few hours after water changes. Eventually on my new tank I will put one inline between the filter and the tank. I would use this type 24/7

    Neither will hurt the bacteria colony AFTER the cycle is complete.
    I hope this helps!
  4. pepetj

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    UV Sterilizers won't harm beneficial bacteria. These units are not a must in most aquarium settings. Out of my 11 FW tanks, I use it in four. The UV lamp should be replaced twice a year and the flow range adjusted in relation of the UV lamp's wattage for them to be effective.

    I use the lowest wattage possible (e.g. 9W for 145gal, 5W for the 40gal and 30gal) so I can get by with the smaller powerheads (so that I can adjust to 180-270 GPH range in the 145gal and 100-150 GPH range in the smaller tanks).

    Santo Domingo
  5. OP

    steed1172Well Known MemberMember

    alright thanks for the info.

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