Uv Filters Work Great!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by iamme2.0, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. iamme2.0New MemberMember

    So my tank was extremely green and i realized it might be getting too much indirect sunlight. I decided to get a UV filter and after a couple days it looks great! Oh and my tank finally cycled with fish in it but i lost 0 fish! It was tough being patient while it cycled being new to the hobby but patience and a UV filter definitively paid off! Now the only issue i have is what fish should i add next. Check out the before and after photos! I added more plants too and that seemed to help as well. IMG_20180524_204807.jpgIMG_20180620_184028.jpg
  2. AdamSValued MemberMember

    Holy cow! Is that the uv filter on the side? Did you just let that run or did you do huge water changes with it? Are the serpaes the only cos you have in the tank right now?
  3. iamme2.0New MemberMember

    Yes that is the UV filter. Wish i would have got a smaller one but i am new at this. The UV filter is constantly running as the tank receives too much indirect sunlight and i was doing 25%-45% water changes but only once a week. If i turn off the filter for a couple days the green starts coming back. What do you mean by COS?
  4. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    I just bought one, bought the 24W and it is huge. I had to put it horizontal, hope that is okay, but I bought it because my water is always slightly hazy, and I hate it. I think last week I did too much of a water change and really really cleaned out the filters, and crated a bloom. I just put it in the tank, so hope I get crystal clear water soon.

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