Using Spring Water for Water Changes Question


I did a Search and nothing came back.  I know the information must be here somewhere but wasn't in the Betta or Miscellaneous Freshwater sections.

I just want to be sure...

When using spring water, you don't have to use conditioner??

Is there any chance that chlorine, cloramines or heavy metals are in it??


****, just checked and I got Drinking Water by mistake when I meant to get Spring Water but will get Spring so...

Golden Fish

Why you using spring water?


No you do not need to use the dechlorinating agent when you use either Drinking water or Spring water. The Drinking water is really reverse-osmosis water and is fine for tanks but the Spring water has some minerals in it that the fish will need eventually. R/O water (drinking water) is used by a lot of aquarists though .... they buy the units and have them installed to their home water supply and if a person is going to use it in large or multiple tanks for a long period, that would probably be the way to go and then just add a good vitamin supplement to the water according to directions. It will save a ton of money over buying it. I use the Spring water in the summer when the tap water cannot be used and I still give my tanks a vitamin supplement a couple times a week. ~ 52 weeks a year.

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Golden Fish said:
Why you using spring water?
HI Golden Fish

The reason I'm using Spring Water is a silly reason, heh.

I needed gallon jugs to premake up my conditioned water for water changes. I have tons of jugs but they're all milk jugs cleaned out and saved for hurricane season.

I needed gallon jugs that's only had water in it so I bought 6 gallons so I can use the jugs afterward and since I have the water, I wanted to use it.


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