Using Seachem Matrix outside of a filter? Question

  1. Dark Sky

    Dark Sky Valued Member Member

    Hi all,
    I'm slowly working on plans for a water feature to sit atop one of my tanks. I'm planning a miniature 'zen garden' or bonsai style scene that will sit suspended in a tray/planter with bamboo growing in it. The idea is to have the filter directed into the base of the planter to fill it up and waterfall over the edges back into the tank, creating plenty if surface agitation.

    The current filter in this tank (simple submersible) doesn't have a heap of room for biological media, I have the plastic carbon-cartridge stuffed full of as much Seachem Matrix as it will hold (which was actually a surprising amount!). What I'm wondering is whether Matrix (or any biological media, noodles etc) will work effectively if it's just suspended in the water flow, rather than having the water forced through it? Ie, if I were to use Matrix in the planter along with (or instead of...) pebbles to support the bamboo. Would it still be effective, or without the forced water would they just become very expensive pebbles?
  2. matsungit

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    Substrate is a major part of biological filtration. It will still work.
  3. OP
    Dark Sky

    Dark Sky Valued Member Member

    Thanks, I wasn't sure whether with all its tiny pores, Matrix needed that flow and pressure for the water to penetrate, or whether just being in the water would be good enough. Hopefully it'll become a super-substrate in the planter!