Using Metronidazole Flake While Treating With Api General Cure

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Good morning,good people! So I’ve got some new panda cories(7) and Denison barbs(5) in QT now. Found a dead Cory during a water change yesterday and the Db’s are pretty thin and kinda pale. One barb sorta faces downward when at rest. I kinda thought I needed to take some kind of action so dosed API General Cure and that some folks do this in QT as procedure. Can I also feed Peabody’s Paradise Metro flakes simultaneously? Thanx in advance!
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HI Lospark - Personally not a fan of General Cure used as qt procedure, but it's tolerated pretty well. I would not use the flake however as there's Metro in the General Cure and too much is known to cause kidney damage. Too risky, as we're not even sure what we're dealing with yet. You might want to check with your LFS or where you bought them to compare water parameters, or if bought online, perhaps a picture would help to identify any problems. I wouldn't know a pale DB from the norm, but I'm sure someone will.
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Thanks. They, Pet Supermarket, ordered them for me. The fish are all pretty young and small. They only had them for a few hours. The girl forgot how much the Denison barbs were and quoted me $2 each! “I’ll be right there” she honored it as well. The pandas were $9. I left 1 DB there as it just didn’t look good. I hope they’re from a decent stock. The ones in my display tank are just gorgeous!!
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If you can find out where they ordered from, that might help. My LFS doesn't order anything unless he can bring them in from a source he's already deamed reputable.

I think if I saw those issues, I might try Metro, so good option IMO. I always add it to food, but not if you used GC since it is already an ingredient as mentioned.

I wait 2 weeks, and if there is no improvement, I move onto another parasite med like a dewormer. New thin fish is not a good sign.
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Thanx, angelcraze! I started this yesterday,so I’ll lay off the metro flakes at least through this round. It says to redose at 48hrs(tom). Then water change after another 48hrs. In your opinion, stop the round of GC and go to just flakes(i’ve PrazI flakes too) or just finish this round and reassess. That’s kinda what I’m thinking. Thank you so much for your time!
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Sorry if that was confusing. I meant to continue dosing the GC without adding Metro or PrazI to food just as you're doing and follow directions for GC.

Access after treating with GC.

The reason I said to access is because there are different parasites that cause thinness. It was just meant as a FYI but I might be rushing it, sorry. There are also other reasons they might be looking thin.

I would just make sure that with your care and nutritious foods, they gain some weight. They should not look skinny in 2-3 weeks with good foods and care.

How long have you had the barbs? Have you tested the water conditions in QT?

I would not add these fish to the main tank until they look healthy at all costs. Also a reminder not to share equipment between tanks!
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Metronidazole is impossible to overdose
Praziquentel becomes toxic very quickly

Its up to you really, but going against the manufactures reccomendations could cause problems.
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Thanx all you good people! I hear you angelcraze !
Apologies for starting thread and walking away. Simultaneous wife and canine health issues. So I finished the course of GC while feeding a little Metro flakes in the morning. I didn’t overdose em! Whew! Mostly feeding NLS, Bug Bites, bloodworms,and mysis soaked in a little Garlic Guard. Cories are doing great, but I’m very happy with the DBs. Went from sunken bellies,pale, and listless to fattened up, colored up, and darting around as they should. Did 60% WC on Thur and another tonite. Parameters are good with nitrates around 5ppm. Wasn’t going to add carbon, unless y’all think I need it.
Thanx again everyone! Y’all rock!
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That's so great to hear! I'm happy for the transformation Personally I don't do carbon, I remove the meds with lots of large water changes over the next few days, but it would ensure you get all the med byproducts out. Running it for a couple days can't be a bad idea.

I hope everything is well with your wife and puppy.

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