Using FW sand for Reef?

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    PringlesLFE New Member Member

    This is probably a stupid question but just wanted to make sure.
    Would I be able to use my Carib Sea Tahitian Moon Sand from my FW tank i'm about to take down and use it for the nano reef tank i'm about to start up?
  2. l

    lorabell Well Known Member Member

    I believe it would be fine...Ive done exactly that in 2 different tanks...In 1 of my tanks I have even used pool filter sand(SH Tank)...all my critters love it!!!!!!!! Just do the proper salinity...I hope this helps
  3. Annadvn

    Annadvn Well Known Member Member

    I asked this question at my local SW club and had 90% of the people say NO (using pool filter sand).

    The reason they gave is that it normally has a higher silicon content than SW sand which is crushed coral and shells and will cause problems down the road with the silicon content.

    CaribSea sand may be different, if you use it, you should give it a good wash first though as the bacteria dying from the FW may cause a cycle as it dies in the SW (although this might be desirable if you are being your cycle?)