Using Decorative Stones In Aquariums

  1. RyleighJ Member Member

    Hi everyone! We were cleaning out our basement and I stumbled across a rock collection I had when I was a kid. They're not anything fancy, just little bits of amethyst and quartz and whatnot. Most of it came from those little kiosk things in some tourist shops where you could fill up a bag with rocks. I was wondering if I could use them in my aquariums, because otherwise I don't have much use for them.



    Aquarium safe, or no? And if they are, would it be alright to boil them to clean them?
  2. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    A lot of these would be safe. Do the acid test to make sure. Some of these are beautiful.

  3. RyleighJ Member Member

    Thanks! I guess I had good taste as a kid lol

    And the acid test is pouring vinegar over it and seeing if it fizzes, right?
  4. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Yes, vinegar, some say muriatic acid is better. But both should do fine. If I were in your position I would just add them with no test, they all look safe. But that is just me.

  5. RyleighJ Member Member

    Would it be safe to boil them? They probably don't need to be boiled, but they're kind of dirty and I figured that would be a good first step to cleaning them.
  6. Herkimur Well Known Member Member

    Boil them but not too long, some might crack and break into sharp pieces.
    Dip in boiling water with a small strainer for a few seconds to remove unwanted bacteria on the outside surface.
    That's all.