Using bug bombs in an apartment full of tanks??? Help!!

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Hello fishlore! I wasn't too sure where I should post this topic so hopefully someone with some useful info can give me their two cents. Here's my situation. I've got some sort of bug problem in my apartment. Namely, my son keeps getting bit by something. I can't find any source of what it could be but last night while my kids were away for the night, I got bit by something for the first time. So I'm thinking I may need to set some bombs off to see if that clears the problem before calling in an exterminator (Expensive! A cost I am currently not able to afford!) Here is the setup of out apartment and location of the tanks:
Master bedroom/Kids room-No tanks
My bedroom-One 29 gallon tank currently housing one healing Oscar (Got beat up badly, but is doing well) and one large pimelodus blochiI (4-Line pictus cat)
Main level:
Living room-My 75 African tank which is right next to the staircase that goes upstairs, and a 55 community tank
Kitchen/Dining room-30 gal fry tank, 55 gal guppy tank
Bottom of stairs sits our 125

SO....I realize bug bombs are potentially dangerous to fish as much as any other living thing..But moving ALL these fish just for the few hours needed to bomb seems like such a huge task. I'm at such a loss on what to do..I am thinking the only place that needs to be bombed is upstairs in the bedrooms but I have no idea if these bombs could work their way downstairs to the bigger tanks as well. If ANYONE could give me some help, I'm desperately begging for it. I'm at my wits end, dealing with bug bites and worrying about this. Any responses will be soooo appreciated!!!

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I would say setting it off with all the tanks is a big NO. I don't really know how you would go about getting rid of the bugs. Wait for some more people to chime in. Hope you solve the problem!

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any idea what it is? bed bugs or something? because that might let you do something else instead of bombing. My other thought is, is it possible to turn off the power(and take care of all the precautions for power-outage), seal off the tanks with plastic sheeting and masking tape(pulling all power chords, external filters, air pumps to the inside of the seal), and then bug bomb? you'd need multiple people helping to get this done in a timely manner, and I've never heard of it being tried before, but I'm just trying to brainstorm ideas.
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I'm really hoping it isn't bedbugs..If so, I might cry..I mean I know they're becoming more and more common but yuck! I have searched the rooms and haven't found anything suspicious..
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Are there any places that you can see inside the walls? Such as a fuse box door or something like that? Usually when you have a bug problem, checking in the walls if the first place to look.
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It is probably spiders. To fumigate with your tanks you'll have to cutoff all power to them especially air pumps. then tape garbage bags over the tops and over the equipment especially air pumps. Then cover them with a thick heavy comforter. They should be safe then. Wait for as long as you are supposed to keep out of the area before uncovering. Give it some extra time before starting the equipment. When you remove the blankets immediately remove them from the area (preferably to the laundry). Make sure all the blankets are removed before unsealing the taped on bags. Good luck!


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. My other thought is, is it possible to turn off the power(and take care of all the precautions for power-outage), seal off the tanks with plastic sheeting and masking tape(pulling all power chords, external filters, air pumps to the inside of the seal), .

I would go on wiith that ( was just thinking the same while reading the 1st post) . I think that would work
good luck
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Go to Amazon and look up Human grade Diatomaceous earth. Read up on it, totally safe around pets. You can eat the stuff, but it kills bugs! I just bought ten Lbs, and a little applicator thingamajig.{has a narrow tip to get it in the cracks. You do not want to breathe in the dust of it, other than is totally safe. Spread it all over in the carpet, around the beds, in the baseboards, etc. It makes tiny slits in the bug's carapace, and kills them. I have two tanks, and four birds, and a dog. I live in Florida, where we have more bug problems than just about anywhere. You can even use it on your dog or cat's coat.
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Good morning,

I usually bomb the house once a year. I turn off all tank equipment and then I cover my tanks and filters with plastic drop cloths (used for painting and so on). Make sure everything in the tank stand is covered too or placed in plastic bags, garbage bags, such as nets, foods, ornaments, cover everything! Note: Make sure the lights have cooled before adding plastic covers so the plastic doesn't melt onto the light.

I close all of the windows, turn off all ceiling fans and air conditioners and set off the bomb.

2 or 3 hours later (going by the time suggested on the box) I come in open the house (windows and screen doors), turn on ceiling fans and air conditioners for 30 minutes to air out the house. After 30 minutes I uncover everything and turn everything back on. Make sure to air the house before uncovering your tanks and equipment.

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I've bombed my place before with my tanks. All I did, was covered my tank with a plastic bag and taped it.

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