Using Amguard With Dr. Tims One And Only

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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    So I have a question concerning the use of AmGuard when setting up a new tank using Dr. Tims one and only for a freshwater tank.
    The tanks is a 28 gallon euro bow front tank with glass top with a Marineland bio wheel penguin 150 power filter. It houses currently an assortment of live plants: 2 swords, 1 cholo wood with java fern, 1 anubias on a log of drift wood, anachris, water wisteria, money wort, and acorus grass. There is also a Marineland LED 24 inch adjustable light strip With the plants listed i also added three platies to the tank to help with cycling using Dr. Tims.

    My question is would it be safe to use or wise to use AMguard to help control ammonia so as not to kill the 3 platies or just let the tank and bacteria do its thing and just monitor it daily with water changes and testing?

    I just recently cycled a few months ago a 40 gallon tank using Dr. tims with media ( some substrate from my 10 gallon tank) and was just curious about the saftey of using it in conjustion with Dr. Tims.

    The tank parameters of the 30 are as follows
    Initial set up of tank 4-22 With live plants added same day
    Dr. Tims was added 4-23
    3 platies added 4-23
    API TEST results
    NH3,NH4 = 0.50 ppm
    NO2 = 0 ppm
    NO3 = < 5 ppm (the test was slightly orange like a peach color) after doing the test 3 time with the same result
    GH = 143.2 ppm
    KH = 125.3 ppm
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    Giving this a bump up for you