used gravel vacuum

  1. kammeraad Initiate Member

    so i was given a 55 gal tank and fish stuff from my uncle that had been sitting in his garage for 5 years amoung the stuff was a gravel vacuum that has green stuff growing in the tubes is it safe to use or should i get a new one?
  2. Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

    Sort of depends where in thereit was kept.
    either way id scrub and sterilize it atleast.
  3. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Hot water. I know a fish store owner in WA has some sort of algae growth on theirs, they say its normal, is it greenish or blackish?

    I THiNk he mentioned black, but he said totally safe, uses it in fish stores still.
  4. Skyy2112 Member Member

    But hot water, bleach, salt mix, etc etc. (if you're worried)

    I probably would just be/c I'm ocd.
  5. kammeraad Initiate Member

    its green it was kept in the dry tank no cover in the garage for 5 years with the garage door open as often as not the tank was right by the door (I think he was hoping someone would come in and steal it :D )
  6. Skyy2112 Member Member

    I'd clean it as much as possible, but its safe. Maybe algae-ey.
  7. kammeraad Initiate Member

    good to know thanks
  8. Zed Initiate Member

    Congrats on the tank, and welcome to the hobby :)
    Skyy2112 I wouldn't put bleach or any other chemical/detergent. In fact I would use water that has conditioner added to it, because you don't want any of that stuff to find its way into your tank later, and hurt any fish you add down the line. algae is harmless, definitely was wet when last used and just got exposed to enough light to start growing. If it looks irreparable then buy a new one, they're not expensive.
  9. kammeraad Initiate Member

    I've heard that bleach will evaporate without leaving a harmful residue unlike soap so it is safe to use as long as you give it time to dry
    would the net wash stuff work? do you think?
  10. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Never had issues with bleach, just make sure you since it good after and I'd let it dry, etc