Use Petco Brooklyn Metal Stand as-is, or put plywood top on it first?


HI all,

I'm building out a 55-gallon tank, and have bought a for a 55-gallon tank. I set it up, looks pretty nice, but then I noticed that it really only supports the 4 corners of the tank (maybe left/right panes too). The 4-foot front/back bars are a few mm below the left/right edges of the stand top frame and I imagine it won't actually make contact once I put the tank on there.

Is that OK? I was thinking maybe I need to get some plywood, paint and water proof it, so that the tank can rest on that instead, then I thought, they must sell hundreds of these stands, I don't see any major user complaints about their tanks failing on them w/ this stand and don't see any posts about adding this additional step for this particular metal stand. It feels really sturdy.

What do you think? Am I overreacting/overthinking this? Or should I go ahead and do the plywood table top anyway? I'm wondering if others have this Petco Brooklyn Metal Stand and what they decided to do. I trust this crowd more than the petco review site. thanks all!

Edit: I'm planning on buying a Tetra or Aqueon all glass 55-gallon tank (the ones w/ the plastic rI'm above and below the glass -- you know, the ones they sell at petco/petland)


I have the same stand for my 40 gallon breeder, it seems to work great. I don't think I could get it to wiggle if I tried, lol. The weight is also distributed along the edges add well as the corners so I don't think it is a problem personally. This might be different with your tank though since it's considerably longer than mine.



I am also trying to find a stand for my 55 gallon and had the same question as OP. Anyone else have this stand or thoughts on this? Big Dreams what stand did you go with?


Glass tank only need support around all edges/corners of the bottom of the tank, you should he fine just the way it is.

Et tu

As long as the stand/tank is level, your good to go. I really like the clean/open look of the Brooklyn stand.


I do too, I love the look of mine. It also (36" stand) has a center brace on the bottom, which I forgot to add in my earlier post.



So I should not worry that the tank (rim) is only supported along the 12" edges but there is no contact between stand and tank edge along the 48" sides? This is my first "big" tank and I might be over thinking it. Also did not mean to hijack this thread.


Glass tanks with a floating bottom only need to have the edges supported. If they didn't, the tank manufacture would recommend putting something under it. Putting something under it, like foam, usually voids the warranty.

Et tu

All 4 corners need 100% contact/support and very important to level the stand.


Ummm, are you sure you assembled it correctly? On my stand the tank makes contact the whole perimeter of the tank....



As long as the four corners are making contact with the stand, and the tank after being placed on the stand is level, then you're fine.

Good luck with your new stand!


On my stand the tank makes contact the whole perimeter of the tank....
That is how it should be.


That's what I'm saying, with the Brooklyn stand your tank should touch all the way around unless you put it together incorrectly (which can be done, trust me, lol).



HI all! I have two 10 gallon stands and the 55 gallon stamd at this point, none of them line up perfectly and I have put them together correctly! Trust me! Lol. Once you use the included stickers it definitely didn't line up perfectly.

I just got the 55 gallon tank from Petco, during their $1 gallon sale, going on now. So this stand and this post have been waiting since May, proud of my self for holding out this long! I decided to get a piece of 3/4" plywood to place below the tank and a smaller piece to make a shelf and stick a29 gallon tank before for a sump I am building out. I added a couple of inches to the depth so I can could some wiggle room in the back, maybe hide some food containers back there not sure.
The plywood looks great, got a birch ply, good quality, tempted to stain it instead of painting it black. Going to create a journal for my 55 gallon tank build out. Stay tuned! I decided to get the plywood for peace of mind, needed it for my sump anyway. I sanded it and it looks awesome, now I know why people get so excited about building their own stands

Work in progress. There is a small gap between tank and stand. I don't mind it in 10 gallon setup, but don't want to risk anything in 55 gal setup.
Below, you see the whole setup, with 30 gallon on top of plywood, I need to paint the planks and then add it in. The ply wood for 55 tank is hiding behind the stand.


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