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da funkie fish

I have just noticed my coral beauty laying on the botton of the tank,went to pick him up and he swam away,noticed the side of him is damaged chunk out of him,looks like he may of been stuck or had a piece of rock maybe fall on him.no rock seems to be out of touch,any help on what to do? he is still alive just strugglin to swim,any help would be great
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da funkie fish

Temperature °F 74.2
pH 8.1
ammonia (NH3) 0mg/l
nitrite (NO2) 0mg/l
nitrate (N03 0mg/l
phosphate (N04) 0mg/l
calcium 400ppm
kh 160

sorry 79.1 temp

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I'm sure this is too late of a post but it could be the mantis shrimp that spears. It may have hitchiked in some of your live rock. Just thought I would throw that out there just in case because it will continue to happen if this is what it is. I am sorry to tell you they can be kind of a pain to get rid of as well.


I am also a little concerned that your tank is not cycled. O ppm on all three: ammonia, nitrites and nitrates does not sound right. 0 ppm on ammonia and nitrites is good, but nitrates should be around 10-20 ppm on a cycled tank. But I may be totally off as it sounds like your tank is salt water..... excuse my blunder if this is the case.

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