my betta has a bite mark on him and its an indentation in his skin could this be the redtail or the angels or something else and should I get rid of some of my fish b/c thers gona be further problems or ther not community fish or something help!!


He need some Betta Max and a raise in temperature for a while until until until he heales . Most medications work best at about 82 degrees. aaI know it says no raise is needed but it does work faster if it work faster if it has a raise to the proper temp.



Red tails don't have teeth though and generally like to just chase or whack with the side of the head


They don't have to have teeth to bite Nothing else in his tank has teeth either


Good Point! But they're generally not nippers their mouths are more suited to grazing algae


One of my cichlids had what looked like a bite mark on his flank.
It was far too big to have actually been a bite mark though, as nothing in the tank has a mouth that big.

Is it possible he snagged on one of your decorations?

I treated mine by upping the temperature to 82 and using Melafix for 10 days. You can't even see where the injury was now


its possible but I dout it there aren't really any sharp things but I isolated him and gona raise the temp and add a little salt for now

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