Urgent- Please Help I Really Need Advice!!!!

  1. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    So earlyer I was replanting some plants in my tank, I removed a rock and put it back firmly after.

    A few hours ago we went to a friend's house and I came back just now to find my dwarf gourami and a Cory catfish trapped under the rock I moved earlyer

    The catfish had died but the gourami was on his side with the rock on top of him, I have no idea how he got there as the rock was on the sand (so couldn't have fallen) and was firmly in the substrate, the DG is swimming around and feeding (not as enthusiastically as usual but I put that down to stress), I'm going to my LFS first thing tommorow for some stress coat. I really hope he can be saved as he is my favourite (and oldest) fish.

    I have some pics (he has some minor flesh wounds):


    Please help, any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you, Ethan

    Sorry, I'm a bit stressed as I had to put my betta down aswell today and I really don't want another dead fish.
  2. GibbyMcGibz Member Member

    Oh my thats no good. I'am just a beginner and wouldn't know what to do in this situation. I hope you find the help you need from someone here. Best of luck.
  3. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    He's survived many things before (I once accidentally over dosed with anti ammonia and he was living on the ground on death's door) but he survived, I'm hoping he'll survive this


    Just been thinking, I don't think he would have been chased down under there and I've had the same stocking for months now and they get along, could my shrimp have dragged him down??


    P.s, sorry for all the replys, I'm panicking a bit.
  4. GibbyMcGibz Member Member

    What kind of shrimp do you have?
  5. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    Poor little dude. I'm not sure I'd do more than that, other than maybe a PWC. I think his injuries are either going to be survivable or not. IMO, the best you can do is to make sure that you give him the best chance by preventing his wounds from becoming infected, without being over aggressive, as sometimes treatments cause more stress. That's my two cents, but maybe somebody with real experience with wounded fish will chime in.
  6. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    4 ammano shrimp
  7. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    I would get a small hospital tank with a heater and an airstone and keep an eye on him.

    To prevent infection I would do some methylene blue baths. And add aquarium salt to the hospital tank water.

    Good clean water and low stress is going to be the best things for him. Being in a big tank might be too much for him right now. So that's why I recommend moving him into a smaller tank.

    Good luck I hope he survives.
  8. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Ok, I'm really hopefully he'll survive, he's had worse (his barbells once rotted away). How would I stop his wounds from infecting? Do I need to QT?

    Also, does PWC mean partial water change?

  9. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Do as Allie says if you can. The aquarium salt should stop any secondary infection. 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons. When you do water changes, add salt back in only for the amount of water you have taken out. ?s, just ask. Good Luck. That is not a minor injury. I will try to find this post tomorrow to see how he is doing.
  10. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member


    I have no clue where to get aquarium salts but will ask my LFS tommorow, as it's 11:50 here in the UK I'll set up a QT tommorow.

    Thanksfor everyone's help

  11. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    You LFS will certainly have aquarium salt. Good luck.
  12. mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    It's a bit mysterious as to how it happened but i hope he will survive
  13. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Ok, I'll check

    Thank you
    I hope so too
  14. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Good news- he survived the night .

    I'm heading off to the LFS to get stress coat and aquarium salts (if they have it). Anything else reccomend?

  15. PAND3MIC Member Member

    They say aloe vera isn't really the most effective option in aquariums, but in this situation, I would try it. Once his wounds are stable, he will recover. Its just a matter of encouraging the healing process.
  16. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Ok, it worked when I over dosed with anti ammonia (I think it burned him).
  17. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Update- I went to my LFS and got some stress coat, the guy said he should be fine as long as he dosnt get infected.

  18. Xbox62 Well Known Member Member

    Update- so the DG is on his 2nd day of treatment and the wound in healing nicely, he is happily back to his old self

    Thank you very much to everyone that helped it is greatly appreciated .

    Thanks, Ethan

    P.p.s, my DG says thanks to

  19. GibbyMcGibz Member Member

    Aw. He looks so much better! I'am happy to hear he healed up!