Urgent! Koi fish?!??!?!?

  1. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    So my mom just got me a koi fish...(I dont know how big it is) and I have been talking about getting a betta for my 10 gallon but she got the koi for free. She doesnt know much about fish. I havnt said anything to her yet but I dont know how happy it would be in a small 10 gallon.....any help with anything would be nice. This could be a great opportunity to build my own koi pond :D but I have to ask my dad.....lol dont know how that will go. But if I do keep it in a 10 is there any way I can keep it as happy as possible? I cant afford a bigger tank. I do have a 50 gallon community set up already im not sure if I could put it in there cause of my plants that it could potentially ruin. Could I also get some facts on koi and how tolerant they are, Compatibility, temp, feeding etc.
  2. cheese Member Member

    hi :) first of all, the koi can't live in either tank, as koi get up to 2 feet in length and it wouldn't be able to move in either tank. it is not recommended to keep koi with tropical fish because of the temperature difference...what is the temperature of your tank? koi produce a lot of waste...definitely too much for the 10 gallon, and I'm assuming you have more than a couple guppies in your 50 gal community, so it would add quite a bit to your bioload...which could make you overstocked right away, if not when the koi grows. I know your situation...tricky decisions...good luck :)

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  3. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Ugh im so sad because she was so excited to give it to me. I just texted her saying it wouldnt work. The tank does have a heater but I can turn It off etc there is nothing in the 10 gallon. Lol I have more than guppies
  4. cheese Member Member

    why was this fish free? how big is he? do you think it would be realistic in your yard for your family to put in a pond? and would they want to? ponds can be so beautiful and rewarding but you have to remember why you're doing it...it's so much more cost efficient to find someone else with a pond who is willing to take it lol. :)

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  5. cheese Member Member

    sorry I just saw that you don't know how big it is...any estimate though? less than 3 or 4 inches?

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  6. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    My dad is very picky and pretty much in our house hold we all hail our dad so we listen to him and follow all his rules. I would think maybe that length. Lol the person is just offering btw so its not like a done deal

    She just txt me back and she said that it would grow to the tank size its in.....thats not true right. It would look really deformed and it would still grow right?
  7. AtomicMudkip Member Member

    Yeah, technically it would, by producing a hormone that stops it growing however it would have a stunted growth and eventually it's internal organs would be crushed by its skeleton as they grew but it's bones didn't. Return it, rehome it or make plans for a pond. Not really any more options because koi aren't suitable for your average aquarium. Try and explain to your parents how in order to live it's life to the full, it needs a pond. (Also tell them how beatiuful ponds can be and aren't just stinking puddles of water that need constant maintenance. Show them some pictures as well!
    Good luck,

  8. cheese Member Member

    I've seen goldfish who stay tiny in a small tank, then ones who grow until they can't move. it's likely the fish will become stunted if you keep it in too small of a tank. correct me if I'm wrong but from what I've read, when you keep a fish in too small a tank, their organs and internal stuffs will try to grow, and become deformed on the inside, because they're growing too fast for the body of the fish, which can lead to many health issues. again I could be wrong about the organs and such, but yes you are right, they would be deformed or unhappy in some way kept in a tiny tank like that. just like if you were to put on a hard suit that's your size when you're 2 and then don't remove it, and 20 years later you're the size of a 2 year old. if you were to compare your 5 year old koi to a 5 year old koi that has lived in a koi pond his whole life, you may see 2 very different looking fish. I didn't realize you hadn't gotten the fish yet, but I would definitely say don't get it then. a betta would LOVE the 10 gallon, and have a great relationship with you because of it, rather than it being stressed all the time like the koi would be. :)

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  9. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    I keep asking my sis to let me have her betta....its in a gallon bowl and she wont give it up. She wont even look at it. Ive tried to brib her but she wont budge.....fish torture is horrible.....
  10. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    It's a myth that internal organs continue to grow when a fish becomes stunted. They don't. But a koi in a small tank might not become stunted. It's very possible that it will continue to grow and either outgrow the tank, or jump out when it gets an opportunity. Either way it will be very stressed, and if it does grow it will be impossible to keep the water good in such a tiny tank. And young koi grow rapidly in warm water.

    A pond for koi to be healthy in needs to be huge, and at least 4 feet deep... they can grow to 3 feet long. The world record is about 4 feet long.

  11. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    I want to build a pond so bad too....lol it would look so beautiful. Until I can move out into my own house...I cant build one :'(
  12. cheese Member Member

    hmm...maybe you could ask her to put her betta in your tank...and maybe "share" the fish? because it seems like you know it shouldn't be in a 1 gal bowl...it might be worth it for that fish's sake if you almost donate your tank to her fish...you'd get to see it and it'd thrive in your tank :)

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  13. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    It is such a small bowl. It has not lights no real plants nothing. Its horrible and I feel so bad for it
  14. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    The only problem is that she might get another betta in the 1g...
  15. cheese Member Member

    I see the problem. could you just hide it or crack it somehow so she can't lol, then try getting your parents to get her an upgrade for a birthday gift or something...I've found a new 5 gal tank with the filter and light for $20 used...look for something used and you might find a really good deal :)

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  16. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    My parents dont care sadly.... :(
  17. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    How about this... You ask her to trade with you, you buy a 5g for her birthday or next holiday, and ask to have the 1g and give her the 5g?
  18. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Ive tried so many things
  19. Dadio Well Known Member Member

    Keeping koi is a very rewarding challenge. But to do so, you must well reason as to why and how you will give these majestic creatures a home. Not a box.

    As for the comment on stunted growth, the following comment is not to draw out a debate, it is based on pure seen fact, sound knowledge and experience.

    Stating stunting is a myth is a little in left field imo AS it does for fact affect the internal organs of a koi. I've seen this first hand and seen some so badly deformed it made me sick to see them in that state. A friend of mine called me over to take a look at a pond one time as a favour. When I got there it was not a pond in my opinion, more of a bathtub way overstocked with koi and goldfish.
    2 of the 8 inch koi were in real bad shape, the others had other issues including pox. The pond was 6 years old and how they made it was disbelieving, but they were in fact 7-8 years old as the owner had kept them in a 30 gallon tank for a few years before he realized they needed a bigger home and he built a pond.

    Healthy koi would be far larger than this having been given adequate environments. Both looked bulged on various parts of their bodies and one was showing a curved spine. Both were put down and both showed signs of internal organ deformities sorry to say. This was a 300 gallon pond with over 10 koi and lot's of goldfish to many to count. So for fact, it can and most deplorably will affect their internal functions in time.

    For some it may not happen, but in many cases it does and simply is a miserable life for them to live as this and most likely never attain a long life. Koi are meant to have enough space to thrive, frolic and live long healthy lives. Another aspect of stunting is that stunted growth of a koi that breeds can affect genetic quality of offspring where the offspring can result in being born with deformities, degraded immunity systems or other.

    I've kept, bred and traded koi for many years and I learn more and more everyday from my interactions with them. My current pond is a haven for both my family of koi and my family and friends. It's an investment of both time and money upfront and pays off in time. For me, the koi I keep are my keeper as they have me trained well as a human to be their slave. Aquariums are wonderful for the mini worlds we create and fully control. IMO, fish keeping ornamental ponds are an environment designed to provide a world for the fish they keep and a paradise for their keepers in a semi-controlled natural setting. Done right, if will bring you years of pleasure and yes, it takes some of your time, but well worth the rewards.
  20. Manjit Member Member

    I would say... Get an outdoor pond... And if your digging an outdoor pond make it as big as possible because it will be one time investment... Try to keep the depth (height) 4-6 feet, length 6-7 feet and width 3-4 feet... This will be idle size for 5 koi... Or else give it to someone who has outdoor pond of such dimension.... Or else your koi might die or have stunned growth because a single koi overcrowds a 50gallon tank 4times when fully grown... You dont have to worry about heating it because koi can survive even if water on top freezes...