URGENT!!! I need help!

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    sammyyy123 Valued Member Member

    I've had bristlenoses for years. About 2 months ago my friend gave me 3 new ones.... Since then it seems my Plecos have had bloat cause 2 lemons died the day after, and now 2 months on my 'new' bristlenose boy has died. It looked like bloat...

    Thing is, the lemons died and were at the bottom of the tank, and now my boy has died but he is floating... Any idea?

    Also I'm not sure what's going on cause my oldest girls chest has recently started caving in so I'm feeding her more - I've put it down to the fact I maybe didn't feed enough for her as well as the 'new' ones.

    I don't have anywhere to set up a quarantine tank but am very worry about what the is going on with my fish! Please can someone help :(
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    cheese Valued Member Member

    do you have driftwood in the tank? did the friend who gave you the plecos have driftwood with them?

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    sammyyy123 Valued Member Member

    Sorry for the delay! I was told not to give them any wood so I didn't! I grabbed some today and it's currently soaking - couldn't get driftwood but I managed to get bog wood