Urgent help request - Zebra Danio with large growing lumps on underside


I've had my Zebra Danio for 1.5 years and all has been fine until recently. He/she has developed these lumps within it's belly/underside well over a month ago and the lumps are still increasing in size.

I have no idea what they are. The fish isn't experiencing a uniform bloat as seen with dropsy, so I considered constipation and have fed him/her with blanched peas with no luck.

I'm so worried about this little fella, will he be in pain? If anyone has seen this before and knows what I can do I would be so grateful. If not, should I consider euthanising him?

I've tested the water and parameters are good and stable.

Thank you in advanced



It could be a ton of parasites. I would treat for internal parasites but euthanize if they don’t improve.
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