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  1. DAWNA

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    I am from So. Cal. and shop at Global Aquatics in Ontario (They have the coolest 4 foot shark that is friendly! Sometimes I go just to see him!) Anyway, I was looking for an upside-down catfish like I saw at Walmart during the holidays. I don't know the "real" name but it's brownish with a dorsal fin and eyes on the bottom and it swims this way. I thought it was a regular catfish that was about to die but they had a whole tank of them and were selling them quickly. Any ideas or regular name?
  2. Dino

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    Synodontis nigriventris or contractus are the two most commonly sold up side downs.
    I would bet it is nigriventris.

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    Cool! I have an Upside Down Catfish too! Very cute! Does yours hide in cracks and peek out sometimes?! ;D
  4. Tom

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    Would an upside down catfish do well in my 27 gal hexagonal tank (read below for fish listing)? Or would a Columbian shark be better? I am aware that it is a brackish fish but the people at my lfs said it is OK to have in a freshwater tank because it is used to it but they also said that it would be more prone to disease and I accept that. Or is the tank not long enough for the Columbian shark? Thanks.
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    Aside from being brackish water fish, Colombian sharks will grow to about 12". I'd recommend a group of dwarf Corydoras for that tank.
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    It's ok. When the CAE and shark leave, I'm geting BN.
  7. Tom

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    The CAe will leave at about 3" each and the shark will leave at about 5", so no problem there right now.
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    My upside down catfish is almost invisible, I should warn you. Never shows a whisker unless its semi dark. in the display tanks they are bold simply because there are probably a couple of dozen of them and they don't offer good places for fish to hide so that they can be seen by customers. However I have a well planted tank and I've found mine hiding underneath the leaves of a sword plant only after careful looking. Just fair warning; they can apparently be quite shy.
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    USD Cats are actually nocturnal. It is normal for them to hide during daytime. Make sure you put some sinking wafers for them after you turnoff the light.
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    can you send a pic of the cat fish