Upside Down Catfish

  1. metal_fish

    metal_fish Valued Member Member

    I am considering selling my Upside down Catfish, I didn't know they were nocturnal fish. I don't have any room to get him some pals that would help me see him sometimes.
    Anyone have a solo upside down that isn't constantly hiding.....?
  2. steed1172

    steed1172 Well Known Member Member

    Hey, metal fish! give your catfish some time to get used to the tank he'll show up, the catfish i have is a loner albino cory(he might not be a loner for long hehe)and after a couple days of not being harassed by any other fish he was all over the place! hes very active day and night, with his often naps from working while your not looking ;)

    so don't give up on him so soon.
  3. Jake the Fish

    Jake the Fish Valued Member Member

    In a magazine I have there is an article on Upside Down Catfish, and there is a table about them. The Table says:
    Aquarium: Freshwater
    Fish Size: 6-50cm
    Tank Size: >80L
    Temp: Tropical
    Swim Level: Bottom
    Feeding: All
    Temperament: Peaceful
    Behavior: Solitary

    Hope this helped. :)