Upgrading To Bigger Tank + Possible Tank Mates?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by NinjaTortoise, May 29, 2018.

  1. NinjaTortoise

    NinjaTortoiseNew MemberMember


    I currently have a single male betta in a 2.5 gallon tank with a heater and filter. He has been doing well since I got him at the beginning of this year. At this point, I would love to move him into a larger home. My boyfriend and I have been discussing getting either a 5 or 10 gallon tank for him. This little guy is pretty much our first fish-- we had one other male betta before him for a few months, but we had a thermometer malfunctioning disaster and he passed away despite our best efforts :(
    So far so good with our new boy!

    I'm hoping to get some advice on what size tank would be best to upgrade to, and how to go about preparing the new tank before moving him. I know getting it cycled is important, but I don't know a lot about how to do it (I've heard you can use parts of the old filter, or some rocks from the old tank to get it started?).

    We'd also love to get a few tank mates, if possible. Are there any fish or invertebrates that can co-exist peacefully with a male betta if the tank is large enough?

  2. Fanatic

    FanaticFishlore VIPMember


    Congratulations on deciding to upgrade your betta! I loved when I upgraded mine, it was super fun to get him a larger home, he really enjoyed it. If you choose the five gallon, all there is to choose are some snails or shrimp, not many fish in a tank that small. If you want to upgrade to the ten, that’d be more open to choices. I actually kept a small shrimp group in my ten gallon with the betta, and he didn’t mind low colored things.

    You may also like Nerite snails, as these take care of algae and are helpful,to your tank. They also don’t produce as much waste as other snails. You really need a 20 gallon for a community with a betta, this size is larger with more room and options. I would suggest harlequin rasboras, ember tetras, or
    chili rasboras for some options on fish.

    Don’t choose neon tetras as they are not temperature compatible with bettas.
    I hope you find what you are looking for and hope the upgrade goes smoothly!
  3. OP

    NinjaTortoiseNew MemberMember


    Thanks for your reply!

    Yes, we're very excited about getting him in something bigger...he's such a spunky and curious little fellow that we feel bad he doesn't have much space to roam!

    If we were to upgrade to a 10 gallon, how many shrimp would be possible to have without overcrowding? Can the Nerite snails get along with the shrimp as well, or should we choose one or the other? I've read that shrimp are good with bettas, but I've been curious because it seemed like there was some debate about water temp and PH levels. Do the shrimp do OK at the warmer, betta temps?

  4. NeonTetraBoiNew MemberMember

  5. NeonTetraBoiNew MemberMember

    Sorry typo the nerite snails would do fine with the shrimp
  6. OP

    NinjaTortoiseNew MemberMember

    Cool, thanks! These are some exciting options.

    Any advice on making the move to the bigger tank?
  7. NeonTetraBoiNew MemberMember

    Put decor or gravel that was in your first tank into the new one to jumpstart your cycle
  8. Fanatic

    FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    Yes, they will be fine at those temperatures.
    I would choose cherry, amano, or ghost shrimp.
    Be careful with the colorful shrimp, as bettas may try to eat them.

    Unfortunately, that does nothing to aid in your cycle, the substrate will help a little, but the decorations possess nothing for your cycled media.
  9. OP

    NinjaTortoiseNew MemberMember

    Thanks, everyone.

    Now...say I get the new tank cycled, and I'm ready to move my betta in there. When's the best time to introduce the shrimp and snails?

    Has anyone ever had luck ordering invertebrates online? I rarely see shrimp or snails at my local store.

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