Upgrading From Starter Kit In Top Fin Essential 29


So I got this kit and I have no idea what light wattage it has, I've tried looking around, maybe I overlooked it, but I've concluded it's not enough. I want to upgrade to a system to medium lighting I currently house Amazon Sword (1 main, 2 leaflets), 2 java moss balls, marimo ball, some foreground grassy like plant and a few forms of Nana. All seem okay I just want more growth and more clear light. From what I see the hood just has an LED strip light and a lot of people get bulbs in a hood or get a clear canopy and put a light source above it. My overall budget is probably 50-100$ for new hood+bulbs/light, would be great if I could get it at my petsmart or through amazon. Links are much appreciated!


Hey there! So I just had a similar thing going, here's my threads where all the talk was: Ludwigia Help & Val's 29 Gallon (page 16-17)

This is what I'm deciding to get: &
A little over $40 to get both! Not petsmart or amazon, but both were said to have pretty fast shipping, and I believe both have free shipping!

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